Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wedding Makeup

**So I must apologize for being M.I.A for the last week. Things at the Barn household have been crazy! Designs for a huge addition to our home as well as a new job for Miss. Barn have kept us so busy, sadly wedding planning (and blogging) have been pushed aside. But I am back!

So let's move on shall we!

Since I just covered my search for a great hairstylist let's cover the other side of the wedding day look, MAKE-UP!! One of my favorite things in this entire world! I love everything about make-up and doing it on other people is something I am very passionate about.

Photos from my personal make-up artist portfolio:

Photo credits- Studio 816/Albert Ortega/Albert Ortega/Scott Johnson Studios for Airwave Angels/Scott Johnson Studios Hot Legs USA/ Brushes editorial magazine submission/model requested for portfolio-Scott Johnson Studios (make-up Xtreme MUArtz)

Now, despite my love for make-up and my experience with a set of brushes, I will not be doing my own make-up on my wedding day. Shocking I know?!? For once I want to be the one pampered, so I am going to have Jez do my make-up as well as my hair. Mr. Farmer also doesn't want me to have to worry about doing it either; I am thankful he sees the need for it in our budget.

Jez obviously won't be staying for the duration of the wedding so I anticipate having to do a few touch-ups. I can't hear you all now "Well then just get airbrush so it stays longer." I won't be doing airbrush for a few reasons and the number one is that my skin is UBER sensitive to airbrush make-up. If you want to know the story message me it's a good one.

I am lucky though because Jez doesn't do airbrush which is A-ok with me (and my wallet). I have been told they work with mineral based products so we shall see how the staying power is after my trial. I have done wedding day looks for other people however now that it's finally my turn I am kind of drawing a blank. I have no concrete idea what I want.

(thankfully unlike my one and only hair inspiration photo, I can find the appropriate credits to my inspiration make-up photo)

Photo: Smokey Eyes Artistry via Theknot
I love the dramatic eye. I love playing up my own eyes so it's the one element that I know for sure I want to accentuate but that's about it. The only real difference is that I would choose a nude lip or a softer pink. Since the eyes are so dramatic I don't want a powerful lip either. It's best to pick either one or the other and I pick eyes.
THIS is the only photo that I keep coming back to when Jez emails me for photos though. I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to pick something that I like and then it totally hit me like a ton of bricks. DUH Miss. Barn it's because you can't imagine your wedding day look on someone else! (not to mention most of these photos are airbrushed)
I can look at pictures all day of pretty make-up (and I love to) and pretty features but until it's on my face I just can't see the end result. I can search high and low for green eyed, brown haired, bridal make-up photos but I am just not going to get a sense of something I like until I try it. So I am going into my make-up trial pretty blind. Jez is totally open to collaborating together and playing with different styles and colors together to create something that I am 100% in love with.
She is a lot like me and a perfectionist so I am confident we will be able to work together well.
So that's what I am doing for my bridal make-up. We are winging it. I am either totally off my rocker, and bride brain has officially taken hold of my life OR I have set myself up for the path of least disappointment. Sometimes pictures just don't work; you have to as Nike says, "Just Do It".
Did you have a set idea when you went into your make-up trial? Or did you just wing it too? Do you think I am crazy!?

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