Friday, July 18, 2014

Becoming a Mrs.

Well the time is here my lovelies. I am sitting in my hotel room while my handsome groom is off spending some much needed time entertaining our guests. I am exhausted but totally excited all at the same time. The last 10 months have been a total whirlwind of emotions. Mr. Farmer and I have been planning this elaborate event for what seems like forever and now it's here. 

I can honestly say that this has been the time of my life. I have never been happier than I have been these last 2 days. Despite a few downfalls (death in the family, hotel mix-ups, rehearsal dinner snafus) nothing could bring me down from this amazing high that I have been on. I am so incredibly ready to marry the love of my life tomorrow in a front of all our family and friends. We are so blessed by all the people who have made the journey to Eau Claire to celebrate with us, and for that I am beyond grateful. 

To all the amazing readers and fellow Bees, I cannot thank you enough for all the encouraging words you have provided me throughout my entire journey, whether it be good or bad. Whenever I needed advice or support you wonderful Bees were there to lend an ear and offer advice. Specifically I want to thank Miss. Milk Cow for allowing me to blow up her mailbox with insane freak out moments. She was always there to give me a little advice and as she is doing the same thing as I am doing today, I cannot help but think about her and thank her for offering some insightful advice. 

One of the best things about this amazing experience is getting to share it with my step children. Watching them link arms as they walked down the aisle during our rehearsal, I couldn't help but smile to myself. There are just no words - none that could possibly express how much their presence here means to me. I am so lucky to be their stepmother, they are some amazing children, and hearing them tell me how much they love me and how happy they are that I am their step mom fills my heart with an overcoming sense of joy. 

Through this entire thing Mr. Farmer has stood by my side and supported me through every possible thing I could ask of him. When I was struggling with venues, he was there to lend a supportive hug. When I had problems with family, he was there to pick me up and talk me down. When I was going crazy with the details that I missed he was always my rock. I cannot thank him enough for the love and support he has given me throughout this entire journey. Mr. Farmer I love you so much and as I spend my final night alone, I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow with your name on my lips and love in my heart. I love with until the end of time and back!

Signing off for the last time as Miss. Barn! Thank you for following me on this crazy journey! I will see you fabulous folks on the other side, but until then I will leave you with this little sneak peak! WI pride baby...

photo personal

Love to you all! For the last time - Miss Barn

Friday, July 11, 2014

Suspended in Style

We are in the final phase of wedding planning - freak out phase! Ok, ok, I am just kidding (ok not really) but in all reality we are getting so close to the big day and the closer we get, the more excited I become. For the longest time I would tell Mr. Farmer that I just couldn't believe that I get to marry the love of my life and that it is only ______ months/weeks and now days away. It just didn't feel real yet, but now that we are in wedding month and the countdown is in the single digits I assure you, it feels real now! I am scrambling around trying to make sure we have everything together before we leave for the wedding.  

I am beyond excited to marry Mr. Farmer but until I do there are a few more things I wanted to share with you lovelies. Back when we were brain storming our menswear selections, I came up with an idea that I just Since our guys are only wearing vests and those vests will be coming off shortly after the ceremony (because let's face it, they hardly ever keep those damned things on) I decided to have a little fun.

It all stemmed from one photo:

Maxwell Monty Photography/Hugo Boss menswear via Projectwedding

I love this photo. Not only because they are wearing Hugo Boss but I was really drawn to their suspenders. Huh?! Suspenders? Oh hells yes. It was an element that I was drawn too and I knew that once those vests get taken off after the ceremony they will be left with their tie (which most likely will be taken off too) and their suspenders. I still wanted them to look like a bridal party member and not just a guest at our wedding (not that anyone would confuse them). It was just one of my things so back off. You know, one of the things that you just Every bride has a few of those things and these were mine, so we are having:

Bespoke Suspenders!

I presented the idea to Mr. Farmer who was totally in love with the idea. Why? Because his friends are total goofballs and it just fits their personalities and style to do something a little off the beaten path. Once all the guys found out what we were doing everyone was incredibly excited about rocking some bespoke gear. I enlisted the help of Irene from finehandmadeclothing on Etsy and well let's just say she is fabulous! I made sure to give her plenty of time and in 2 months** I had my suspenders sent to us in a nicely wrapped package:

photo personal

White for Mr. Farmer, hot pink for BM N, hot pink chevron for JBM R, black for our ring bearer, and gray for the rest of our guys.

I gave Irene free reign with the patterns and she knocked it out of the park! So fun story time. When Junior Best Man R found out that he was wearing hot pink he immediately told me, "Well if I have to wear pink, than I want a breast cancer awareness pin on my suspenders because real men who wear pink support breast cancer and so do I." I almost died of shock, - he is only 8! After I picked my jaw up off the floor I immediately obliged and got him a pin for his suspenders. JBM R is a huge sports fan (seriously he will blow you away with stats it's incredible) so I think his breast cancer support stems from the NFL and their pink sports apparel they wear during the month of October. Either way it was a great request and I couldn't be prouder!

In addition to the suspenders Mr. Farmer has decided to mix up the traditional outfit even more and has requested that his gents all wear mismatched socks. When I told MOH K about it she laughed and loved the idea. Why? Because apparently mismatched socks are a thing and "Miss. Barn how the heck do you not know this?!" Seriously K and R make me feel old sometimes, but anyways getting back to the point. Socks. Mismatched. We are doing it.

photo personal

I found a pack of 12 on Amazon here and since the price couldn't be beat, I snatched them up right away. Mr. Farmer has such a fun personality and all of his friends do too, so this is just a small way to bring their shenanigans to the wedding, in an appropriate way. I giggled when I received the package (because I still giggle, sorry not sorry) but I think our guys will be able to rock some fun socks and suspenders with big smiles. Everyone seems pretty excited about it and there have already been fights over who gets which socks.

photo personal

Taking something as simple as a rented suit and making it your own was important to not only Mr. Farmer but me as well. I wanted Mr. Farmer's personality to shine through, despite the fact he will be wearing something many people before him have worn. I am wearing a beautiful dress with all my lovely accessories, why not make sure he has elements he is just as in love with?

We are slowly wrapping things up and getting stuff ready for the wedding. Oh who am I kidding, we are running around frantically trying to remember all of the stuff we have to pack and get ready. I am slowly freaking out more and more every day we get closer and our poor house is a maze of shipping boxes with even more to come. At least our wardrobe is all ready, and for that I can be grateful!

What aspects of your attire were your favorites?