Monday, May 12, 2014

Forever Please

Our invitation suite is coming along quite nicely and I can't wait to share them with you, but until that time I wanted to share something else with you. Something pretty special.

Integrating who you are as a couple is a pretty important part of the wedding planning process, I mean if you don't, it would be pretty boring and a little weird. I mean imagine a wedding with no personality, how boring!! There are all kinds of various ways to do it. Whether it be your favorite color like Mrs. Manatee, a favorite food like Mrs. Blue Whale, your birthstone like Mrs. Palm Tree or an emblem like Miss. Phone Booth and various other bloggers, the possibilities are endless. Obviously! It's the best part of the wedding, adding your personal touches. 

One of the ways Mr. Farmer and I intend on doing this is incorporating a phrase into our wedding. 


It's as simple as that but it means so much to us. We began saying it to each other very early on in our relationship. Most people say "I Love You", and we do too, but we say this just as much. It's the term of endearment we use to express our love to each other. It's just US. Because it is such an important thing to us, we even had this created:

Photo Personal

This was used in our Christmas card photo this past year. 

Mr. Farmer and I agreed that we wanted to use this phrase throughout our wedding decor and paper products but just writing it seemed to look weird. Well I thought so anyways. We wanted something that made more sense, so we turned to the other thing that means a lot to us and we use quite often.

Personal Photo

The infinity symbol!

Step-daughter K and I have matching bracelets. She picked them out and I wear mine just about every day so even when we aren't together, we are. It's special to us and it's a symbol that we think of when we say Forever. Please. It's not only a term we use to express our love to each other, it's a term we use with our children too. (K always points it out when we both wear them and it ALWAYS brings a smile to my face)

So what's a girl to do with a phrase and a symbol?! Get creative, right? Yyyeeaahh, I failed miserably. I mean pretty horribly! I am no design genius (as you will find out from my invitations coming up). Thankfully, there are some amazing designers around the Hive and Miss. Hen ever so graciously offered to give me a hand (she's a rock star, seriously). Based off of my original design she came up with this:

Photo personal

It's the perfect symbol that means so much to Mr. Farmer and me. It is simple and pretty perfect because we are pretty simple people. I wanted something very personal to be able to add to our stationary and this was the perfect solution. If you remember, we had the infinity symbol on our save the dates. 

photo personal

My ring has a twist on the side to mimic the infinity symbol which was a design element we purposely did. 

photo personal

We also have it in a few other places that I will share with you all in time, but it's a small element that we can use to bring a little bit of us into our wedding. Creating a logo, if you will, has been steadily increasing in the wedding world and I can totally see why. It's a great way to carry something through from the beginning stages of your planning all the way until the end of the honeymoon. I am certain only a handful of people will notice the theme throughout but you know what? I don't freaking care. This is something we are absolutely in love with and hey it's our wedding. I love it. Mr. Farmer loves it. Our children love it. Our families love it. What more can we ask for?

Did you have a wedding logo? Did you have a personal design element that carried throughout your entire wedding?

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