Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pour Me a Glass: Hybrid Host

I love a good glass of sweet, not too dry Riesling. Mr. Farmer loves a full flavored Cabernet. I am a white girl and Mr. Farmer is a red kind of guy. Opposites attract anyone!? We happen to love wine. Mr. Farmer is more adventurous in trying different kinds, whereas I am just starting to develop a taste for anything other than Riesling. 

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Our current "wine bar". Mr. Farmer and I are members of a wine of the month club. We receive a shipment every other month of 12 bottles of red and white. If you remember, we are currently in the process of building an addition onto our new house so we have nowhere to store our wine until we move into the new place, where we will have a sufficient wine rack and bar. 

currently waiting to be put in their forever home - photo personal edited by yours truly

Needless to say we like our wine so it was no surprise that when we attended Creating Lasting Memories to sample our food, we would also be sampling some beverages. In the Midwest it's pretty common to do a partially hosted bar. What does that mean? It means that the bride and groom (or traditionally the groom's parents) typically cover the beer and soft drinks, while the spirits are paid for by the guests who order them.  
Now before you clutch your pearls and give me grief, it's common in my neck of the woods and nobody bats an eyelash for having to pay for a spirited drink. It's expected in my group of family and friends and every wedding I have ever been to has done it this way. I often find it depends on where you live when it comes to cash versus hosted. It also depends on the budget as well I suppose, but our budget isn't huge so a fully hosted bar was out. Since the Barns enjoy wine so much we are also putting that on the hosted menu. So we are doing a hybrid host if you will - Beer, Wine, and Soft drinks.

So let's get to the good stuff huh!?
Yours truly at Creating Lasting Memories - photo personal - Cheers!

First up was the champagne. We aren't huge champagne drinkers but we wanted to make sure we had some for the toasts that will be given. 

We had a choice of:

J. Roget, Cooks, Martini, Rossi Asti or their Raspberry Champagne Punch

Both of us have no idea if our choices are decent or not but we know what tasted good. We both liked the J. Roget Spumante and the Raspberry Champagne Punch the best. When we told Collette, the wedding coordinator, our choices she laughed because the punch is made with J. Roget so it's no wonder we liked it. So that was put on the beverage menu. 

We also decided on a Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, Schlink Haus Riesling, Murphy Goode Pinot Noir and Columbia Crest Merlot. We figured that would be a good sampling of wine and it still has both my favorite, the Riesling and Mr. Farmer's pick, the Pinot Noir. 

Up next was the beer. I told Mr. Farmer to make his selection as that will be his drink of choice, should he choose to drink at the wedding, and he selected Coors Lite as it's the beer he drinks most often. Being from Wisconsin I thought it would be sacrilege to not have any Miller Lite so we are having both (my family would give me serious side eye if there wasn't a Miller product present). My family will drink the Miller and his family and friends will drink the Coors. It's all about compromise people. 

What did you choose to do? Cash? Hosted? Or did you do a hybrid as well?

**as always please drink responsibly and do not operate a vehicle while under the influence. We will be combating drinking and driving since our venue is right next door to the hotel and our guests won't have to drive either. Keep it safe peeps!

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