Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Wedding That Never Was: Barn Edition

So while I am awaiting on the last of the photos to roll in I figured I would take the time to do something a little fun. Miss. Hen talked about the "Wedding That Almost Was" and now that I am on the other side I thought it would be fun to let you in on a little secret. The wedding we had was not the wedding I wanted.

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Craziness, I know!

The wedding that I always dreamed of was thrown out the window the minute I met Mr. Farmer. Why? Well because he is Mr. Farmer and his occupation is, well a farmer. You see the wedding I always dreamed of was a beautiful autumn wedding. If you recall in my previous post I briefly mentioned the harvest season. Well if you were following along (and heck yeah you should have been) you know that harvest season is pretty much the busiest time of the year for any member of the farming community. Since all of his friends and family are farmers, fall was an entire season not available. In fact the reason we were married in July was because of his crazy farming schedule (it was the only month we had a choice of).

So what would have the Barn wedding looked like? Let's play!

The Barn wedding below would have been done on an unlimited budget and obviously weather would not have been an issue. It would be at my in-laws on their big beautiful lawn under a gorgeous giant tent. Very similar to this, ok pretty much exactly like this:

Photo via Top Wedding Sites Tent Lakes Region Tent Rentals

 Christmas lights would have been draped everywhere I could put them. Light would have played a big part in the minimal decor I would have. To decorate the inside of the tent I would have large lighted trees all over the place:

Photo via Uniquely Yours Wedding Designs ;  Let Me Wow You ; Weddingbee via Bee Miss. Bloom

Autumn in Minnesota means the start of shorter days so the more lights the better. I would have tried to incorporate wheat where I could as a design element - hello I am marrying a farmer after all. Something like this would do:

Photo via Martha Stewart

My dress would have had sleeves and been much simpler than what I originally chose. I would imagine something pretty like this:

Photo via Maggie Sottero

The color palette chosen would have incorporated a lot of neutrals:

Photo via Design Seeds

Add a little champagne/gold and perfection. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year that I don't think I would have had much decor, although I can imagine something like this:

 Photo via The Knot Nina Sutherland Photography; Photo via The Knot Sarah Ainsworth Photography

 I've always dreamed of having a big budget that I could spend on having so many amazing pieces however now that I am on the other side, that's what picking a good venue is for. You shouldn't need a whole bunch of decorations to make your wedding beautiful, use what is already there.

There are still some decisions that would have made the cut but the entire feeling of the wedding would have been shifted from a fun bright summer wedding to a rustic warm autumn affair. However, at the end of the day it would still be our wedding and I would still be married to my best friend surrounded by all the people we love most. His family becoming mine and my family becoming his - our family becoming one and that is something that no one or anything could change.

A wedding is simply that, a wedding. No matter all the beautiful things that are associated with such a historical event, the marriage is where the true beauty lies.

Was the wedding you had the wedding you wanted? What would you have changed?

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