Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wedding Bales: Let's Get This Party Started

The week leading up to the wedding was pretty crazy. I sent Mr. Farmer away to enjoy the 2014 All-Star game, get out of my hair so that I could finish up some last minute DIY. Thankfully he returned just in time to help get everything packed up and ready to go. Being apart probably wouldn't work for everyone but it worked for us.

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Mr. Farmer and GM JBoy

While he was off enjoying some time with GM JBoy and GM R, I was at home crafting/putting together all those last minute projects that I told myself, "Oh I have plenty of time to complete". I didn't realize just how much I had left to the last minute forgotten until I started running through the packing list in my head.

It was a serious setup. Side story time. You see that beautiful chair right? Duh. Anyways, Mrs. Barn made the mistake of wearing a racer back tank top to stepdaughter K's softball tournament just 10 days before the wedding. Sadly, I did not plan accordingly and got VERY sun burnt. This was my desperate attempt to even out my heinous tan lines. I did whatever I could outside rocking a bandeau top (thankfully we don't really have neighbors). Back to your regularly scheduled blog post....

Thankfully bridesmaid K and best man N were available to lend an extra hand. We went through every glue stick, tube of glue, tape or anything sticky we had available to finish everything. I didn't realize that I would even need an extra hand but poor best man N found himself working with a hole punch and cutting loads of twine just days before our departure. Don't show up to my house days before the wedding and expect to watch your girlfriend and the bride craft - not going to happen buddy. I'll put you to work. Just saying.

Our poor home was totally taken over by wedding supplies & gifts (more on that later)

Despite the craziness, there was something so surreal and exciting about getting all of those things ready to haul to Wisconsin. I couldn't have been more excited and am almost certain that I didn't eat more than 1,000 calories/day leading up to d-day. Do yourself and favor and eat. I know it's hard but just do it. You will thank me later. 

I did take a break during my crafting spree to enjoy a special little package sent by Mrs. Pyramid. 

My bees arrived!!
A very stressed Mrs. Barn - apologies

She sent a lovely card with a beautiful message that has since been stored away somewhere safe.With the bees finally in my possession it was time to pack everything up and get on our merry way.

What did you spend the final days doing? Were you finishing up crafting? Did you and your intended spend it apart like we did?

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