Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Stitch of Love

I have a confession to make. Hi I am Miss. Barn and I am a total sap. I cry at weddings I know to wear waterproof mascara and to make sure to have a few extra tissues available whenever I go to a wedding. I am a very sentimental person and tend to have a lot of keepsakes for this reason.
Early on in my planning process I stumbled upon one of the sweetest things I had seen in a while. I started to get misty eyed and knew I would like to have something similar for our wedding:
Personalized custom handkerchiefs:
Photo via Etsy - SerendipityThreads36
Mr. Farmer's grandmother passed away this past September. He was pretty close to her although he was even closer to his grandfather, her husband. They were incredibly close (they farmed together) and his death was very sudden when he passed away 7 years ago (Mr. Farmer and his grandfather actually share the same initials).
Sadly his grandmother was the last of his grandparents and it's still tough knowing she won't be there. I knew that I wanted a piece of them with us on our wedding day. Mr. Farmer and I had been walking through his grandparents' house a few weeks back when I spotted a box of handkerchiefs and knew instantly how I would incorporate them.
I pulled several handkerchiefs from the box, some of hers and some of his, and am going to hand embroider them. Since Mr. Farmer's grandmother embroidered herself I figured this was a great way to remember her and to pass along a very special gift to my in-laws and my step-children who were also close to their great grandmother. ( I am especially excited to give one to my FIL D who was insanely close to his mother).  Once I suggested the idea to Mr. Farmer he immediately went to the closet and pulled out a very special handkerchief that he received directly from his grandfather that he would like me to use for his son R.
I am very excited to gift these to some very special people. I wanted a gift from the heart and I think this certainly fits the bill. Not only is it a perfect sentimental gift but it is also a budget friendly project, as all it will cost me is the embroidery thread, an embroidery hoop and a lot of time in front of the television. I think I can handle that!  
How did you incorporate your lost loved ones?

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