Monday, March 31, 2014

I Kid You Not

Hi, I am Miss. Barn and I am Polish. Why does that matter you ask? Oh, because I have an insanely large family that's why. My father has 11 brothers and sisters and they are all married with children and even some of my cousins have children of their own. My father's side of the family (immediate family) makes up for 1/3 of our guest list. That's a lot of people. In our family children are always welcome to a wedding and the Barn wedding is no different. There was no question that we would be having children at our wedding. There are a few reasons:

1. I don't want K and R to be the only children and bored.
2. I love seeing kids tear up the dance floor.
3. Since all of our friends and family are traveling to attend I wanted it to be easy for them.
4. I didn't want to limit it to just the bridal party and hurt other guests feelings.
5. I love kids.

Now I understand that kids at weddings can be tough. Infants can cry. Children can get tired and cranky so even though children are invited I still expect their parents to keep them in check. I am sure we won't have too many problems with our guests as they all have experience bringing their little ones to weddings. (My cousin K just got married last year so it's nothing new for them)

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Too cute!!

Even though children have typically been invited to weddings in my family, I wanted to make sure there was no confusion about it, so when I addressed the save the dates I included each child's name on the envelope. One of my guests commented how cute she thought it was that I addressed it "Master Enrique" (he's 6) and only I would think to include the children on the envelope. I got rave reviews and our guests loved it. I think they may have been more excited about the envelope! Not only was it a cute touch but it helped our guests know for sure they would be able to bring their children and wouldn't have to worry about making accommodations for them.

Since we are on the topic of children it might surprise you to know that Mr. Farmer and I will NOT be having any children of our own.

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I, like Mrs. Bicycle, wasn't sure that I wanted my own children. When I was younger I always wavered back and forth assuming that was expected of me, until my health made the decision much easier for me. No kids for Miss. Barn. I absolutely love and adore my step-children and we have a great relationship. Mr. Farmer and I have decided that we enjoy our lifestyle the way it is and love being able to spoil K and R, and only them. Had I wanted to have my own children, if by some miracle I could, it's not something Mr. Farmer wanted.

We had the discussion very early on as he did not want to waste time developing a relationship to later find out that we didn't want the same things. Mr. Farmer laid it out and made it perfectly clear that it was a choice he made and if that was something I wanted then our relationship wouldn't work.  It was non-negotiable for him. It is one of those hard conversations that every couple in a serious relationship has to work through, do we want the same things out of life?

Thankfully Mr. Farmer and I agree, no more children added to the Barn family, however YES to children at our wedding.

How do you feel about children at your wedding and in life?

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