Monday, March 10, 2014


Mr. Farmer and I currently have 348 lovely people sitting on our guest list. Yes you read that correctly. (I will do a break down a little later). We do not expect even 300 to show up however we have a large group of people no matter what way you look at it. Because we have a large group of people it means we are going to have a lot of tables. As much as I love looking at floral centerpieces at weddings, with at least 30 tables, there is no room in our budget for them.

 Photo via: mashable Image: Tumblr, tinarph

So after my inner pity party I moved on. I needed to find a solution for our tables that was cost effective. I like to think that I am fairly crafty and love to take on new projects all the time so I knew that our centerpieces would be DIY early on in our budget planning. Centerpieces happen to be one of my favorite things to check out while at a wedding. So what do you do if you don't have flowers as a centerpiece? Well you could:

Use candy as Mrs. Blue Whale did:

Weddingbee - Brenda Upton Photography

As yummy and bright as this would be, it didn't quite fit the theme of our wedding.

Yarn/string maybe:

Found via The Knot from Lisa Hessel Photography/Belli Fiori

These were certainly cool and I knew that I could make these however I did not want to risk transporting them 5 hours to the venue. I am still in love with them but I knew they would take up a lot of space in whomever's vehicle they traveled in. We won't be transporting any décor for our wedding as we will have the children with us and it made me nervous to pass it to someone else. Plus I couldn't be certain that they would weather the trip so this idea had to be tossed. Getting closer though.

Candles are always a good option:

Photo by Charlotte Geary Photography

Much closer! After looking at boat loads of inspiration I started to realize that I loved light. Whether it be from a candle or a colored LED I found myself gravitating towards most of the light inspired images. While attempting to get inspiration for another DIY project (I will share later) I came across this image:

 Found from Chic and Joe


As soon as I saw this it hit me, centerpieces! This would be perfect for our guest tables and possibly a few cocktail tables. I can construct these for fairly cheap and still have some fun centerpieces without the use of florals. I am very excited to finally have one of my favorite wedding elements nailed down. Although now that I have the supplies ordered and am patiently awaiting their delivery, I need to turn to the Hive for some help.

What should we put on the luminary!?

I'd love to hear what you think we should use.

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