Monday, January 5, 2015

Wedding Bales: Special Gifts

I'll warn you ahead of time this post has lots of crying in it. All happy tears of course, but crying nonetheless. You might want a tissue handy....

Mr. Farmer is a pretty sweet and romantic guy. I've said it before, and I will say it again, he is really amazing in the gift giving department. He is incredibly generous and very thoughtful, so it's no surprise that come our wedding day he knocked it out of the park. I was getting the final touches on my bridal look when he had a stack of gifts delivered to the bride's room. I had already given him his gift the night before so it was my turn.

Photos via Kyle Zempel Photography

His card was incredibly sweet and I still have it. It's tucked away in a drawer for safe keeping. I knew I was going to cry and I am thankful that my makeup was not done beforehand.

A Precious Moments bride and groom to go along with a beautiful frame that is now currently sitting on our entertainment center. Flowergirl K is supervising the action. She was a great supervisor that day - you didn't want to tangle with her. K was not so patiently waiting to put on our "dresses".

I have a Juicy Couture charm bracelet that Fluff got me for Christmas a few years ago. Mr. Farmer has seen fit to fill it with the most perfect charms, and the special edition bride and groom charms were the perfect addition.

My final gift was given with strict instructions to be opened last.

As soon as I saw the box I immediately told everyone, "I know what these are. He got me diamond earrings." Mr. Farmer gifts me jewelry quite often and every time he does, I always joke that whatever is in the box is a pair of diamond earrings, so I figured that had to be what he got me. Well, I was wrong, and clearly a little confused at first.

What I am starring at is a mother's ring with the birthstones of both children, as well as Mr. Farmer's and my birthstone. You can all say it with me now, "Awwww". Kyle clearly snapped this photo before the waterworks happened, because I distinctly remember crying when I received this. If you look closely you can see bridesmaid K tearing up in the background, trying to hold it together. It was the perfect gift on our wedding day and I wear it just about daily.

I had a few special gifts to hand out myself. Remember the tedious stitching project I told myself was the perfect idea? Well spoiler alert, I didn't do all of it. I ran out of time. I did one for each of my stepchildren and ended up ordering one for each of my parents. When I asked Mr. Farmer if I should go ahead and order one for each of his parents he said no. He decided he wanted this to be a special gift to my parents and children from me. Mama Farmer agreed when I told her about it, so no feelings were hurt.

Mama Barn happened to be getting her hair done when the time came to open her special gift. I told her it was a good look on her and that she should try it more often. She did not agree.

I had packaged Mama Barn and Daddy Barn's gift in the same box . My dad's hands were shaking he was so nervous to open it up.

After Mama Barn read the message she lost it and started to cry those happy tears.

Mom - To dry your tears as you have always dried mine. Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your little girl. Love you forever, Miss. Barn July 2014

Daddy - Of all the walks we have taken together, this one is my favorite. As the first man I have ever loved, when you give me away today, know that I will always be your baby girl. Love Always - Miss. Barn July 2014

Next it was time to gift the extra special ones that I spent months hand stitching. Stepdaughter K was first. She knew what it was but did not know what it said.

I have NEVER seen stepdaughter K cry before this moment. After reading the handkerchief she immediately turned to me with tears in her eyes and sobbed on my shoulder for quite some time. She was so overcome with emotions I asked Kyle not to take any additional photos. I wanted it to be a special moment just between the two of us, so you will have to use your imagination.

When I gave stepson R his handkerchief he unwrapped it and hugged me so quickly that Kyle was unable to capture the moment. It was a special moment all the same, and sometimes those moments are better left to one's memory.

Up next, I become a bride and finally put on the dress.

Did you give or receive any special gifts the day of your wedding? Did you have any special moments that were not captured? What did your intended gift you?

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