Friday, January 2, 2015

Wedding Bales: Boys Will Be Boys

Why hello all you fabulous people of the hive - I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I spent mine parked on the couch writing recaps for you lovely people, relaxing with the fire place on (my kind of day). As part of my resolution for 2015 I have decided to stop procrastinating, so here we are. Last time we were here I had discussed how the "transformation" to bride had begun. Well while I was getting pretty and laughing with my gals, the boys were well, being boys. 

Mr. Farmer started his day off by actually spotting me from the balcony/grand staircase of the hotel! He described it to me like it was straight out of a movie. As he was walking out of his room he spotted me leaving the hotel with my dress in tow. Thankfully it was still in the bag so he couldn't see it, but he told me later that it was the perfect start to his morning and made him extra excited. Mr. Farmer is pretty romantic and to him it was one of those "moments" that just sticks with you. He still reminds me of that moment frequently and whenever he does his eyes get a sparkle and I swoon.

He rounded up his guys and had a little breakfast before having a quick go cart rematch. Apparently, while I was off with my mom getting her extensions put in before our rehearsal dinner, everyone else was racing go carts, and from what I heard when I got back, it was intense! 

Photos personal (thanks host C)

They did some racing inside:

And then of course moved to the outside track:

 Confession: these photos are actually from the day before the wedding because the boys were too busy racing to take pictures. 

After their rematch everyone got dressed and headed over the Florian Gardens. Kyle from Kyle Zempel Photography was not able to capture any of the men actually "getting ready" but what he did capture was what happens when they get ready too early and have too much time on their hands. 

Mr. Farmer didn't really have a strict time line with his gents, so they spent a lot of time just sitting around waiting. I had lunch served to the groom's room at the Florian Gardens (FG) at noon, but other than that - they didn't have anywhere they needed to be until 2:30 pm. I think they arrived at the FG around 11 am. The reason they arrived so early? Because we wanted photos taken of them, however it would have been a nightmare for Kyle having to run back and forth between the hotel and the venue. Even though the buildings were right next to each other, we didn't want to subject him to that much exercise. So, the guys showed up early so Kyle would only have to move from room to room rather than two separate properties. 

Could this have been better planned? Oh hell yeah, but it worked for us. This could be a downside to only having one photographer, so if you are thinking about a one man show, it might be something to consider for the day of the wedding. So what did the men of the Farmer crew do while they were waiting? 

photos by Kyle Zempel Photography

 They sat around checking the weather, Facebook, pretending to be doing something.

They shared silly stories. 

They helped each other put the final touches on their outfits for the day. 

Three generations of Farmer men cheesing it up for the camera. Apparently stepson R was having trouble with his custom suspenders, so dad was fixing them when father Farmer had to come investigate. Stepston R is practicing all his poses for when he becomes the next Tyson Beckford. 

They had their boutonnieres put on too. Thankfully Collette, our amazing wedding coordinator, was able to lend a hand because nobody else was comfortable helping them put the bouts on. Mama Barn did have a special moment when she put Mr. Farmer's on for him. Mr. Farmer and I are pretty sentimental people and small little things like that mean a lot to us, so when I caught wind that they needed to put their bouts on, I sent Mama Barn out to assist. 

How do you keep two little boys occupied? You try to fit them into an ottoman. 

For the most part, the Farmer crew just hung out, moving back and forth from the Groom's room to the beautiful gardens outside. I even heard there was some napping taking place (my favorite non wedding activity is napping)! They each took turns sneaking a peak in our room and reporting back to Mr. Farmer on my current "condition", which I thought was really sweet. He was incredibly nervous and excited and wanted to make sure that I was OK. He later told me that yes, sitting around for hours was a tad boring but he wouldn't have been anywhere else, as being that close to me made it all the more exciting for him. As a bride, what more could I ask for than an overly excited groom?

What did your groomsmen do before the ceremony started? 

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