Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY Success!

As I am enjoying the frigid temperatures in the lovely Midwest, I figured I would take the time to share with you one of my first DIY projects. I finally finished up a project that I had started a few months ago. However, before we begin if you are one of my fabulous BMs then I suggest you "take a hike", "get lost", or simply just go get a mani. Whatever you do, go find some other reading material to occupy your time. I love you long time but this post is NOT for you!

I mentioned before that I am pretty crafty or at least think I am. It stems from my insanely crafty mother I do believe. Either way, I wanted to gift something to my bridesmaids that had a little meaning behind it rather than just throwing down the cash on something. What is more meaningful than a handmade craft!? I also have 7 bridesmaids and that can add up quickly! Wowza! So I found this amazing image on Weddingbee, seriously this site is like crack. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Anyways my inspiration picture:
Credit and her tutorial

Being the crafty woman that I am, I figured I could make something like that for my girls! So without further ado I give you the Borman Wedding Bracelets.
As you can see I made mine slightly different than Mrs. Rucksack's but still followed the same concept. 
Ribbon (I used 2 different sizes so the Navy would sit inside the Fuchsia)
Sharpie or dark pen
Sewing Needle
Lighter (optional)
 Step 1:  I cut the ribbon ends on an angle and used a lighter to singe the ends so the ribbon wouldn't fray. The ribbon I used was a satin ribbon from Wal-Mart. Nothing fancy here folks!
Step 2. Through trial and error I realized the spacing that looked best between each stitch was 1/2 inch. I found it easiest to take a Sharpie and make a little dot every 1/2 inch to keep it even and know where to make my stitches. The dots won't get seen, however I still made the marks on the "underside" of the ribbon. I left a good 3-4 inches before I started making the marks. 
Step 3. On the "top" side of the ribbon I made a knot, and then sewed an "x" so that my end wouldn't pull through the ribbon. I realized this mistake JUST as Mrs. Rucksack did and had to start over after one of my bracelets broke. I thought the knot would suffice but I was wrong, you need the "x". I chose to start on the top but you can start on the underside, however I started this way so I just continued this way. 

*Note: I used a much heavier thread. Mine was an upholstery thread whereas Mrs. Rucksack's was a standard thread. I don't think it matters much which kind you have. I just wanted mine to be heavier so I wouldn't risk it snapping. Don't want all my hard work going to waste!
Step 4. Weave your needle and thread through the ribbon checking after each stitch to keep your smaller ribbon centered. This is where the dots come in handy. I considered the pink side the "bottom" side and the navy side the "top".
Step 5. I went 3 stitches before I put a bead on. I figured it would give more ruffle and just to try something to make mine a little different than Mrs. Rucksack's. 
Step 6. Put bead on and pull. This is what it should look like after you put the bead on and tighten it up. Keep going until your satisfied with the length.
Tip:  I pulled it tight every few stitches so that it wouldn't be too loose. 
Step 7. Once I got done I went through and pulled it tight to help get any "looseness" out of the bracelet. You can see that mine was a little tighter then Mrs. Rucksacks. Mine is more structured where hers is slightly more relaxed. I realized afterwards that it started to make a "U" shape when you pull it tight. I also noticed through trial and error that if you do pull it tight like I did, that it does help to start your knot and "x" on the top side of the ribbon. It looks a little nicer when it's the tighter version. 
Step 8. Once I had it pulled very tight I put a knot on the top of the ribbon and sewed a little "x" through the final ruffle. I added an extra knot after I sewed the "x" because I was paranoid that it would pull out.  1 knot and the "x" would probably suffice but better safe then sorry. 

And there you have it lovelies!! 

What do you think? Have you used someone else's creation as inspiration for your own craft?

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