Saturday, January 18, 2014

Outfitting my Mama

I knew early on that I would be paying for my mama's dress. My mom is the type of woman to wear her hair in a pony tail She very rarely dresses up so therefore isn't a huge fan. ( I really think she would prefer to dress me up instead). She is what you would call a total tomboy. Since she isn't a huge fan of getting dolled up I couldn't imagine having my mom fork out the funds to buy a dress she won't ever wear again.

When I went on my second shopping trip in Wausau for my dress we took the chance to shop for my mom as well. Before we embarked on our shopping trip I sent a few ideas to my mom to let her know what I was thinking could look really nice on her.

(all photos via The Knot)
Beautiful Mother's by Mary - M2172
This was a favorite of mine. My mother is not a thin woman and this would be a very figure flattering style. I liked that it had a little bling on it so it would match slightly with my dress and the bridesmaid's dresses. Problem? We couldn't find it anywhere near us, so we had to move on.
Cameron Blake 113608
Montage by Mon Cheri
After I sent these images I started to realize a pattern, did you see it? Deep V-neck, empire type waist line and chiffon. My mom agreed she like those styles best so we had our game plan and were set to pick out her perfect dress. That was the plan anyways.
Despite the fact my mom dresses in hiking boots and baggy sweatshirts on the daily, she actually is pretty picky when it comes to dressing up. Every store we looked at didn't have anything she liked. My mother is only going to be 50 years old when I get married and said everything she saw looked "too mature" or "too old".
Enter Circle the Date in Marshfield, WI. This is the wonderful store where I had my bridal moment. When we got there the owner was so welcoming and helpful. She explained that most mother of the bride dresses in our area are a little "behind the times" which is why we couldn't find anything she liked. We weren't shopping at the right stores.
The biggest surprise we received though, the price tag! Goodness gracious, say the words mother of the bride and the dress immediately goes up. We decided that there really isn't too much of a difference between bridesmaid dresses and MOTB dresses. After a few options we finally picked out the best dress for mama D.
It was a perfect fit and my mom loved it! I requested that my mom wear charcoal or grey(gray? still nothing) and thankfully this dress came in a beautiful charcoal color. The best part of our shopping trip was discovering that we didn't have to spend my life savings on a freaking dress just because of how it was labeled. I was glad to give Circle the Date my business and my mom had a dress that made her feel beautiful.
Did anyone else use a bridesmaid dress for a special occasion? Did anyone else buy their mom's dress?

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