Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Special People

When it comes time to pick your wedding party, a lot of thought goes in to who do you select to stand up? C and I have a huge group of friends and were totally stuck when it came time to make a selection, (serious discussions were had). Most of our friends don't know each other and we each wanted people for different reasons.

  The 2 most important people in our wedding besides C and me, are C's children.

Miss. Kayli will be 12 years old when we get married.  She is going to be my Junior Maid of Honor and a total rock star!
Mr. Rysley will be 1 month shy of 9 when we get married. He will be C's Junior Best Man and this kid can tell a story unlike anyone I know.

C and I are incredibly excited to share this experience with them and excited for all the activities to come. We don't get to see them nearly as much as we should so all 4 of us are looking forward to the wedding so we can spend some quality time together. 

The easiest decision to make was our Matron of Honor and C's Best Man. They are our best friends and C and I couldn't image getting married without them. They are amazing people and have the biggest hearts. Furthermore they both are super supportive of our relationship.

My Matron of Honor, Bethany (MOH B) has been my best friend since 6th grade. I was the maid of honor in her wedding and it's only appropriate that she is the MOH in mine. I couldn't image getting married without her. Seriously folks she's my lifeline and probably the best MOH ever besides me of course! I know with her I will have absolutely NO problems the day of our wedding.

C's Best Man, Nick (BM N) has been his best friend since Nick was born. There is a story floating around that C dropped Nick on his head as a baby. Jury's still out on that one. He hates getting his picture taken so I will be having a chat with him on our wedding day to ensure that he smiles! He doesn't want to see my wrath!

The rest of the bridal party took us about 3 weeks to decide. We couldn't narrow it down so we are going to say "F it" and have a HUGE bridal party. We simply couldn't narrow it down so our motto became the more the merrier. 

Without further ado I give you the Borman Wedding Bridesmaids.

BM Tracy (BM T) is C's sister and I am super excited to have her as my sister in law! She is amazing and my source of humor every Wednesday when she sends me a "Happy Hump Day" email. Her lovely daughter FG Kourtney (FG K) is the one and only who picked out my dress.

BM Suzi (BM SQ) is one of my newest friends but a dear one. C and I actually helped her fiancé Greg plan his proposal and helped to stage it. It was an amazing thing to be a part of. I will be standing up in her wedding in 2015. Her fiancé is none other then our amazing DJ, Greg.

BM Sierra (BM S) is my cousin sorta. Her mom is my godmother, my mom's closest friend and first cousin. I was actually a flower girl in her mother's wedding and as one of my favorite cousins it's only appropriate that she be in my wedding!

BM Kayla (BM K) is one of C's best friends and one of my first when I moved to MN. Between BM K, C, BM N, and myself we form what we love to call the wolf pack. The 4 of us love to have a good time and find all kinds of fun interesting things to do on a boring Friday/Saturday night. She is also responsible for keeping track of BM N throughout the wedding, bless her soul. Someone's gotta!

BM Krysta (BM KR) is one of my dearest friends from WI. I was the MOH in her wedding so I certainly couldn't get married without her. She is over the moon excited that I am finally getting married. Her husband is another of my dearest friends and their son, Jordan is my godson. I love their whole family!

BM Jess is one of C's best friends. Her and C used to live together for a while. I quickly fell in love with her too when I met her and seriously her and I share a deep love for anything with fur an 4 legs. She is a total sweetheart and C "couldn't get married without her".

Personal Attendant Christina is one of my nearest and dearest friends from Colorado. She is INSANELY busy and always traveling somewhere. She will be planning her very own wedding very shortly, if she can find enough time in a day, and I am honored that I get to be a part of her wedding! 

Now for the remainder of the bridal party, C's groomsmen.

GM Ryan (GM R) is one of C's best friends from when he lived in Minneapolis. He is surly going to be the life of the party if he ever sits still long enough. Seriously this guy is so busy all the time it makes my head spin. Every time we see GM R it is a fun time and our wedding won't disappoint!

GM Cary (GM C) is another of C's best friends. He has 3 daughters, 1 of whom is in Kayli's grade. As a single dad major kudos to him for raising 3 girls. Wowza! I love standing near GM C because of how tall he is. He always makes me feel short and at 6'0 that's not an easy task. His girls are just as tall. Happy dance! I love tall girls!

GM Eric (GM E) is one of C's childhood best friends. Him and his wife are joining us for vacation in about 3 weeks. GM E is always up for anything and one of the most reliable people I have ever met. You need something and call GM E, he's there. He is such a good friend to C and I adore him just as much.

GM John (GM J) is another of C's best friends. They share a love for sports and Hooters. They have a standing tradition that when they see each other it is typically at Hooters.  Come the weekend C and GM J are always texting stats and sports information back and forth. You want to know a sports stat, this is your guy.

GM Greg (GM G) is another childhood best friend. GM G is part of a windmill company so he is always traveling and on the go. Him and C go on a yearly ice fishing trip with a few guys and each summer him and his wife join us for a delicious fish fry with the fish they caught on their trip. Yum.....

GM Zach(GM Z) is my brother. He is very excited to gain the brother he wishes I were. GM Z has already given the proverbial "brother" talk to C and of course is the protective brother he thinks he should be. In all honestly he loves  C and is super excited to see his little sister get married. I am super excited for him to be there.

Usher Ronnie and C used to live in the same city and him and C share a love for working out. Usher R runs Tae Kwon Do school that takes up quite a bit of his time. We are super "pumped" (get it!) that he said yes to being a part of our big day!

Usher Dustin is another childhood friend of C's. He is a first time daddy to a beautiful little girl who was just recently born and also going to be planning a wedding of his own very shortly. We are super lucky he has time to fit us into his crazy busy schedule but are grateful for him to be there.

We are very thankful to have such a wonderful wedding party who supports our relationship. All of them were super excited to be a part of our wedding and we are just as excited to be able to share it with them. We are a very blessed couple and we thank the heavens for the amazing people who are in our lives.

Did anyone else have a large wedding party? Did anyone else struggle to pick who should stand up?

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