Friday, January 10, 2014

Pink Shoes

  I knew early on that I wanted my girls to wear fuchsia heels for the wedding and since I was so adamant about it I knew that I would be buying them. (I can't imagine them forking out money for something I insist upon having). I think the pop of color looks AMAZEBALLZ. I mean seriously, just look at that contrast:

Oh it makes my heart just flutter! I figured it would be a fun idea to find some cool shoes but the idea went to the back of my head as I had more pressing matters to deal with, i.e save the dates. I got everyone's shoe size early on so, when I was ready to shop, I would be prepared. I was doing some browsing on Weddingbee and I decided to check out a website that I saw come up on one of those side advertisements. (crazy I know, they totes got me)

As I was scrolling through their clearance section, because seriously I NEVER buy anything full price if I don't have to, I saw them. They were so freaking fantastically fun!

Ami Clubwear Fuchsia Glitter Pump with Bow - no longer available

I instantly knew I had to get these for my girls. It was the perfect color pink/fuschia. It was like they were made for my wedding. The best part? I scored the deal of a lifetime at $2.99 a pair! SCORE!  I realized that if my girls didn't like them my heart wouldn't be broken if they never wore them again, or if they kicked 'em off after the ceremony and pictures. 

Of course not everything works out as fantastically as you think though. (This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my wedding planning). I could find a pair for everyone except BM S who's size wasn't in stock. Boo. Being the Google ninja that I am, I searched high and lo for another pair of these shoes.  

I had to have them! Thankfully after some searching, I was able to find hers on good ol' eBay.

I went back to AMI Clubwear and ordered 7 pairs of shoes. I only needed 5 but I ordered 2 extra just in case someone needed to move up or down in size. Yeah I know I am a rockstar bride. Kidding! Since these shoes were so cheap, they were marked down for final clearance so they are non-returnable. I wanted to make sure my girls would be as comfortable as possible.

I had to pay a little more for BM S's shoes as I didn't get the fantastic pricing but I am still super pumped (get it, I'll be here all week) that I was able to score this deal for my ladies. 

All my girls have such fun personalities that I know these will be a huge hit. My girls have already agreed they are excited to sport such a fun pair of heels. I am super excited for the pictures I can get with them wearing said heels! I think it will just add a fun factor to our wedding. HAPPY DANCE!

What do you think?

Did anyone else stumble upon an accessory you just couldn't live without?

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