Friday, December 27, 2013

A Dress for my Maids

When it came time to think about bridesmaid dresses I wasn't too picky. Honestly looking back it was probably one of the easiest decisions that came about. (I say that now, although after writing this post I may reconsider that statement)
 As a reminder our colors are:

Screen shot via my Microsoft Word

With the wedding being outside, in the hottest month of the year, at the hottest time of the day I knew I that I didn't want anything too heavy. So satin and taffeta were out. I really like the look of chiffon. I know that chiffon is a very typical bridesmaid material but I think it's pretty flattering for everyone. With it being so flowy it matches my dress very well too. 

We (MOH B and BM K) started looking at short dresses to start to get some ideas.
After looking at a bunch of the dresses I really decided that I wanted long. I think it gives a more formal feel. You see our venue does have a slight dress code. They ask that you make smart choices and prefer cocktail type attire. (I am sure it's their way of saying jeans and a t-shirt is probably NOT going to cut it).

I didn't want to overpower my wedding with too much hot pink so we also decided that the dress color would be navy blue. Too much hot pink would be too "loud" and probably a little harsh. It also wasn't quite the look I wanted.There was also most certainly one other requirement that I insisted upon. Not strapless! There is nothing I hate more than watching a woman pull up her dress all night long. UGHGH!

OMG, it drives me crazy, seriously I would look like that if I had to watch my girls yank up their dresses all night long. A personal opinion, I think it looks tacky to be yanking at your dress all night long. I wasn't having any of that for my girls. So my requirements so far were this:

1. Long
2. Chiffon
3. NOT strapless
4. The right color navy blue
5. Preferably with a little bling as my dress had some

Now another requirement that I wanted was that it came in navy blue AND hot pink. I can hear you all now going "but Miss. Barn you just said you wanted navy dresses." There is a reason I wanted the hot pink. 3 words...............


That's right! I wanted my MOH to wear a different color dress so that she would stand out as a person of honor as she rightfully deserves.

Once I had my criteria for the BM dress I took to the internet to see what I could come up with. Since MOH B was only just recently married herself she helped in the search. I immediately fell in love with everything Bill Levkoff had on his site. There were quite a few I liked. I knew that I wanted all my girls in the same dress. I think it just looks simple and classic and works perfectly for our wedding. This was a popular style that I kept coming back to:

I know you are looking at this dress going, umm but it's strapless. I decided that even if it was strapless that we would sew straps on. Just so long as it had some kind of strap to go with it, I was A-ok with that. I also realized that I was drawn to the sweetheart neckline, so we added that to the list as well.

1. Long
2. Chiffon
3. Must have straps
4. Comes in navy blue and hot pink
5. Has some bling
6. Not too expensive
7. Sweetheart neckline

Once I told my girls the criteria most of them were extremely relived and happy to hear that I would NOT be having strapless dresses at our wedding. Who knew! I figured most girls liked the strapless look, but then again they can be a pain to wear if not altered/fitted correctly.

After some research most of the girls liked this dress but it was actually much higher in price than I wanted my girls to spend on their dress. Once we looked at this dress in person, we decided it was ok but not our favorite.

Moving along. At some point, I can't remember which store it was but we pulled this dress:

I think it was BM K who pulled this dress and we had her try it on as she is the most, how shall I say, gifted, of us ladies and it was her biggest concern. She tried on the dress and LOVED IT! I looked at the price tag and loved it even more. The first place we looked at this dress had it listed for about $170 before tax.

I immediately sent this picture off to all my BMs and the consensus came back that they all loved it! Thankfully when I went back to order my dress The Bridal Gallery was able to give all my girls a discount so this dress came in under $150! Thankfully I was able to see a picture of the dress in Navy Blue, so I present to you the Barn Wedding Bridesmaid Dress:

Mori Lee Style 686 via Mori Lee 

I am so beyond excited about this dress. Once I saw it I knew this was the perfect dress for my ladies. I am also very thankful they all love it as well!

I can't wait to go pick it up and see how it looks! Did anyone else pull a random dress just to love it? Or did you let your girls pick?

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