Thursday, December 19, 2013

We start at Pink

I realized that I haven't talked much about the style of our wedding. In all honestly it has been an on-going process for Mr. Famer and me because, we don't really have one. After the post-engagement glow started wearing off we had some big decisions to make regarding what we wanted our wedding to look like.
We had a beautiful venue
I had a beautiful dress. Which I will strategically leave out!
But other than that we needed to really nail down a direction to take this celebration in. We needed to start to form a vision. We didn't really want a theme per say.
We are a pretty fun, roll with the punches kind of couple. We also wanted something that was a little unique, so I didn't want to pick something that our families have seen before. Mr. Farmer brought up the idea of using pink as one of our wedding colors since it is one of my favorite colors. Pink is where we started planning our wedding.
Seriously I have a mild obsession with anything pink. One quick look at my desk and you have no doubt what my favorite color is.

 (photo personal)
However we couldn't just have a pink wedding. Well we could but Mr. Farmer wouldn't allow that. We wanted something that paired well and wasn't too formal. So what did I do? Took to Google of course!
I don't think I could live without Google folks. Either way I wanted to see if I could find some fun pairings. I found one that was paired with several different colors but still made my little heart flutter.
Screen shot of Google
Oh yes folks, NAVY BLUE! It's just such a fresh color. Pairs well with so much and it is really the new black. Ok I have no clue what I am talking about but it's pretty. After some discussion with Mr. Farmer we decided that since we are getting married in a garden, in the hottest month of the summer, at the hottest time of day we needed to find a lighter color for the guys to wear. Black wasn't going to work and a dark navy suit would be a bit too warm.
Screen shot of Google
  Gray! Or is it grey!??!? Seriously total mystery to me. I just don't know but I will figure it out.

So if you are keeping track we have:
Screen shot from Word

We decided to add in silver and white for some accent colors just to break it up so it wasn't so dark. Mama D decided it was best as she thought our wedding colors were a bit "too Winter". (I have no freaking idea what that means but apparently it's wedding talk for too dark for a summer wedding)

So with my colors in hand I headed to Pinterest to get some inspiration.

Just a small sampling of my Pinterest wedding board. Cake via We Heart It, Suit via Cocktail Details by Mthreestudio, Invitation via Esty seller Jvandy27 - no longer available
As a couple Mr. Farmer and I decided that we were fine with not having a set theme for now. We had some colors we loved and finally we felt comfortable beginning to design our save the dates and start planning this shindig.
How did you decide your wedding colors?

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