Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Get Ready for your Close-Up

Mr. Farmer and I knew that we wanted to have engagement pictures done no if's, ands, or buts about it. Since both Mr. Farmer and I have been in the modeling profession for over 10 years we are not afraid of being in front of a camera lens. However, this would be the first time we took professional pictures together and THAT folks was a little nerve racking.

Our fabulous photag Kyle Zempel offered to do engagement pictures for us but since he is located quite some distance from us, oh only about 8-9 hours or so, we realized that we needed to get someone local to do the job. Mr. Farmer came to the rescue with Jayne Salentiny. We knew that we needed to get our Save the Dates out fairly soon, and in turn we needed to get our Engagement Pictures done even sooner. Nothing like a little pressure huh!?
Mr. Farmer and I discussed it and neither of us had any real "vision" for what we wanted. We happened to be having this conversation sitting outside enjoying some wine and then it dawned on us. DUH! We live on a farm! It's part of who we are as a couple so why not have Jayne come out to our farm and take our pictures around here? It was fall so all the leaves would be turning a perfect color and it would be super pretty.

85% of my wardrobe is neutral colors so I knew that I would be able to just grab something out of my closet and have a perfect outfit to go with the fall colors. Along with using the clothes already in my closet, I am obsessed with makeup and have a lot of it. I love everything about it and I love doing it on other people (I am the go to person for it between my friends). ** I knew that I would be able to handle getting myself ready for this shoot without a spending a lot of money or a lot of effort.

Going into the Friday we were to have our engagement pictures taken we were all prepared. I decided last minute to stop in and have my hair done (and gained a hairstylist in the process she was so amazing). As happy as I was with my hair, I noticed that the wind kept picking up during the day. And I don't mean a gust here and there, I mean like 10 mph winds; steady all day. Gusts up to 20mph! At noon Jayne called to ask if we wanted to cancel because of the wind. I had to leave work early so I made the executive decision we would just make the best of it.
Just see for yourself, here are the Barn Engagement Pictures........(all courtesy of Jayne Salentiny)
Here is the necklace I mentioned in our engagement story. I wear one half and Mr. Farmer wears one half. My half says I Love and his half says You. Mine also has an etching of a lock and his has a key on it.
Here is where the wind really started to take hold.
Just for fun our lab Winchester would NOT stay away. He clearly wanted to be around people. Every time Mr. Farmer would tie him up he would get out. We even tried putting him in our shop but he opened the danged door! After this shot Winchester was put in the house.
Did anyone else have to battle some crazy weather?

**A fun little fact is that I did the professional makeup in the wedding brochure for the hotel we are staying at on our wedding night! The photo shoot was shot in the honeymoon suite that Mr. Farmer and I will be staying in.

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