Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Qwest for the Dress....Conclusion

Again, I love you Mr. Farmer darling but please find some other reading material to entertain yourself with.  There's a nice stack of magazines under the coffee table, go find one. This post is NOT for you!

I was super excited to start my shopping trip with my mama and besties. Since I moved to MN (no I won't be sporting purple anytime soon) I don't get to see them very often, and getting to see them together a total treat that almost never happens. Our first stop was a shop in Wausau, WI that has been around for ages, Thelma's Bridal. It's the store that everyone goes to because "that's just where you go".
I gave the girls each time to pick out one dress that I would try on. Mama D was so picky she didn't find anything she liked but found one that was acceptable and I gave it a go. 6 dresses later and still no "bride" moment for Miss. Barn. Most of the dresses were very outdated and a lot of them were very dirty. One dress I tried on had loads of self tanner stained on the inside!

Photo via Criminal Macros I love this show, Criminal Minds  

I was a little discouraged however we still had one other store to scheduled for
the day. Elegant Occasions in Wausau, WI. We headed over there and did NOT have ANY luck. I tried on a few dresses again to appease everyone but still wasn't feeling it. I couldn't find anything that made me feel beautiful. I liked some of the dresses but none that stood out. They all started to look the same to me. So far this was turning into a nightmare of poofy sleeves and tulle for days *shudder*.

Enter Circle the Date in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I had thought about going here but since it was a 45 minute drive away I tossed it to the back of my mind. Well, not anymore. Desperate times call for desperate measures peeps. I didn't have an appointment (cringe I know) but I called to see if I could get in anyways.  The shop owner said sure come on over I am about to close but I'll stay open for you. They had one dress I previously tried on; the Mori Lee, which turned out to be the dress everyone agreed they liked the best. 

So I went to Marshfield with just my mom and when I put that dress on for the second time, I had my "bride" moment. In a quiet shop, with just my mom and the owner. It was a perfect moment and it was like it all clicked. My mom started to smile bigger, my smile got bigger and I didn't want to take the dress off. This was supposed to be my dress. This is why I didn't find anything all day. I had already picked out my dress.

Style 1953 via Mori Lee

Why had I bothered wasting the day, when deep down I knew all along which one I was going to wear? I'll tell you why, because I went to 2 stores that I didn't really care about so that it would be easier for everyone coming with me. I knew that none of them carried this dress and I also knew that none of them were very trendy either. But, I wanted the experience to be convenient for all my friends and family who came shopping with me. It's OK to throw down the "I'm the Bride and what I say goes" card, within reason.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but at the end of the day I had MY dress and I was ecstatic. I know Mr. Farmer was just as happy for me. It was a successful trip and I call that a pretty perfect day. Wedding dress, check!

Did anyone else go to shops just because they were in your home city or because "that's where you're supposed to go"?

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