Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sparkly Christmas Present

-this original post came out around Christmas time-
Now that Mr. Farmer and I are about to join our families we have had to juggle how we are going to spend the Holidays. Thankfully we have a system that seems to work out perfectly for us for the time being. It was a crazy few days with lots of traveling but we wouldn't have it any other way. We would rather be busy traveling if it means we get to spend time with our friends and family.
There is just something magical about the holiday season. Mr. Farmer and I particularly share in the excitement that is gift giving. We would much rather give a gift than receive one. Since this is our first Christmas together and our first and last as an engaged couple it was very special to us. We both love gift giving and this year Mr. Farmer took it to a whole new level.

Why am I telling you this? Let me show you! 
(photo personal)
That's right folks! A new ring! For Christmas this year Mr. Farmer decided that he wanted to get me a new engagement ring. So we exchanged the old one for this custom designed, one of a kind ring that he designed by himself. He also picked out a new diamond to put in the center.

Honestly I was so blown away I couldn't believe it! Considering that we just picked a new ring 3 months ago, I couldn't imagine getting a different one. It was by far the biggest surprise I had for Christmas. Why did he get me a new ring?

He wanted me to have something he created for me and he wasn't happy with the one I had.
 Something nobody knew about my other ring was that when I got it, it was missing a side diamond and another diamond was cracked. Knowing that it was flawed bothered Mr. Farmer pretty bad. It was insured and we could of taken it back which we intended to do but now we don't have to worry about it.

 So I present for the LAST time my engagement ring!

(photo personal)

I am in love with this knowing that Mr. Farmer took the time to design it and customize it to my style. It truly is my dream ring and is perfect. I also love knowing that he wanted to ensure I had a ring that no one else would have. It was an incredibly sweet gesture and one that I am very appreciative of.  He said it is just as unique and beautiful as I am. (Say it with me, awwwww). I loved my other ring dearly, we picked it out together and it was perfect. I didn't think I could love another ring more until he presented me with this beauty. He never ceases to amaze me folks!

Did anyone else change out their engagement ring?  

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