Monday, December 30, 2013

Save the Dates

While Mr. Farmer and I were waiting for our Engagement prints and release to be finished, we needed to decide what kind of save the date (I just can't do the acronym) we wanted to create. Since we had hotel issues we knew that we needed to get the information to our guests as soon as possible. We wanted to ensure that they had plenty of time to reserve a room at either hotels.

We figured we would accomplish this by just putting in an insert. Easy Peasy! Now for the actual hard part. There are so many great ideas out there today. One quick look at Pinterest will leave your head spinning. So many pretty ideas.

A calendar

Photo from Something Turquoise by Jen - Photo Credit Studio 11
Or how about this cute one?!

Photo via Martha Stewart

These are awfully cute though too!

Photo via Confetti Day Dreams, Copyright, Heather C. Johnson

You see there was just SOO many cool ideas for photos and things to do for our Save the Dates. I wanted to be creative however C wanted something that we didn't spend a large portion of our budget on, as people were "just going to throw it away". So after some consideration C and I decided the best option for us would be............

That way we could still be creative with the design but wouldn't have to spend a ton of time creating and assembling our creation. Now when I went in search of a good company for magnets I was shocked at how expensive some of these things can run.

VistaPrint was no doubt one of the most expensive ones.  I tried Zazzle. I really liked the options that VistaPrint had over Zazzle but it was still more then I was willing to pay. I designed a perfect magnet at VistaPrint and it was about $1.40 per magnet. Well I would need close to 170 magnets (yes you read that correctly) and that was going to add up quickly. We tried to find something for under $1 or right around that price.

Well I put my Google skills to the test and found a perfect site. Build A Sign was my solution. Here is where I let you in on the goods!

 You see I started thinking about it and a Save the Date magnet was really no different then a regular business card magnet so I ditched the "save the date" in my search. I got a whole new list of sites instead.

Check out the comparison. This is my search using "Save the Date Magnets"
Image via Screen Capture of Google - Save the Date Magnets

All of these sites charged a significant amount to design and print a magnet. So instead I tried "Business Card Magnet"

Screen Capture of Google - Business Card Magnet
 These companies on the other hand didn't charge an arm and a leg. You had to do a little extra design work but they worked just fine. I checked out quite a few of them before I decided. (It was a day of designing and wine, lots of wine)

I can't remember exactly where I found Build A Sign but I know it was through a Business Card Magnet search. I will tell you this ladies. They saved me a TON! I was able to design a magnet and get 250 shipped to me for $40.49. Yes you read that correctly. $.18 for each magnet!

When I entered the site I signed up for their mailing list and got an additional 10% discount. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I could of uploaded a design that I had already produced but I used their tools to design my own on their site. It wasn't nearly as fancy as VistaPrint but it certainly did the job. Stay tuned to see the finished product!
Did anyone else change up their Google search to yield different results? How did it work for you?

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