Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Barns on the Loose

Two weekends ago was my bachlorette party and Mr. Farmer's bachelor party. Since all of our close friends are standing up (and quite a few haven't met each other) we decided to have a joint party instead of separate ones. It worked out better for us and our friends to do it this way, and hey it's my party I can do it however I want. 

The Friday before the big day we packed Mr. Farmer, Best Man N, Bridesmaid K (also N's girlfriend) and me into my car for a 6 hour road trip to Wausau, Wisconsin, my hometown. We decided to split the trip up and spent Friday night in the Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). While I was busy stitching in the front seat, Mr. Farmer was busy snapping ridiculous selfies (at a stop light of course). 

K is such a good sport

In the morning we split ways and the boys headed towards Wausau while K and I headed towards Eau Claire. I had my "re-do" hair and make-up trial, which I will share much later I promise. After Jez successfully flipped my look from bridal to bachlorette K and I hit the road to join the others. Although before pulling into the hotel we did make a mad dash to Ulta, priorities people! 

We met up with the boys and headed to the hotel to begin getting ready. Some friends showed up early while we were getting ready but they were awesome and hung out until we were all finished. Clearly our hotel room was the place to be. We ate some chow where I was able to spend some time with Mama and Papa Barn as well as my bro. I don't get to see them much and Papa Barn works weekends so it's pretty rare that I get to see my daddy for more than a few minutes when I am in town, so it was nice to chat with him, especially the weekend of Father's Day!

So I am just going to go ahead and say our party is probably not at all unique to anyone and clearly not very awe inspiring but it was a blast and everyone had a good time, so I will spare you the play by play and just give you the highlights should you be curious. If you're not skip ahead no hard feelings.

MOH Fluff spearheaded a party bus rental and that's what we did (she did a fabulous job organizing everything, shout out to Fluff). So, bar hoping. Mr. Farmer and I aren't huge party people/bar flys but we certainly had one heck of a good time and I know our bridal party and friends did!

There was dancing:

N - BM K's husband M - Miss. Barn and BM K

Many photos with my special ladies:

BM K, BM KA, BM S, me, Fluff - Fluff and Me - Me and Fluff - Me and my Aunt M

Scavenger hunt shenanigans:

 Yours truly and BM K

Make a veil out of toilet paper? Check!


Enter the women's bathroom? Nailed it!


Drink a drink out of a boot? Done!

Yours truly 

Dance on a table? No problem!

Mama Barn and N

Have a member of the opposite sex give you a tattoo? Complete!

Mama Barn made a quick appearance as she dropped off my bro for the festivities and they nabbed her right away. Major Kudos to Bro Barn for making an appearance despite his huge social anxiety and social phobia (was a total trooper, I love him for coming out and about!). 

MOH Fluff came up with a 3 page document of tasks for each group, for a little battle of the sexes, boys versus girls. A photo had to accompany each task for it to be marked complete. The girls totally won for anyone who cares, girl power all the way! 

For those wondering I rocked a frock from Rent the Runway:

Kate Spade - Celebrate Good Times via RTR

Of course I cannot forget the amazing shoes I wore either. Mr. Farmer surprised me with these a few days before the party. Any man who can buy designer shoes (and ones that match) is a keeper in my book! It was a wonderful surprise and I am uber excited to find another occasion to rock these babies:

MOH Fluff gifted me some goodies, so I rocked the typical tiara, sash, and carried my "Suck for a Buck" bouquet with bachlorette pride. It was totally fun getting all dressed up, even if it was only to go out in little ol' Wausau, Wisconsin- it was still a good time and we owned it.

And of course the evening wouldn't be complete without a few photos of the Barns together:

All in all it was a fantastic evening with great people and we were incredibly blessed to have all of our friends come together and throw such a wonderful party for us.  It was also a great opportunity for our friends to get a chance to meet one another and for that everyone was grateful!

What did you do for your bachlorette/hen party?

**all photos personal**

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