Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty Pretty Princess Syndrome

I promise I will get back to my invitation suite reveal shortly but something else popped in my head that I wanted to talk about. I know, I know I keep stringing you along with awful designs but I promise I will reveal soon. 

Let's discuss something that is very real in the wedding world. Most of us are in this world and even past brides can relate to what I am going to talk about. Nobody ever really wants to talk about it and most brides certainly want to avoid it. Well most sane ones anyways. I call it:

Pretty Pretty Princess Syndrome

What is this? It's a complex some brides get where they cannot see anything but themselves and their wedding. They have to be that special little snowflake and be the Pretty Pretty Princess. They lose sight of what they are doing and leave a trail of destruction along the way. Most of the time we call these women, bridezillas, and for the most part we just stay out of their way with the excuse "It's her day" instead of facing her awful wrath. 

Photo by Amy Doodle via her personal blog

Well truth is, it's not "her day". I mean it is but it isn't. There are so many people involved that some brides lose sight of what the day is all about. Bringing two families together as one. Joining a couple in matrimony. It's incredibly special but it is still just one day. We put so much effort into making this a special occasion and creating lasting memories that brides everywhere can experience symptoms of PPPS. I think it's safe to say that we all know at least one bride who takes it too far though and parades around throwing temper tantrums like a two year old. Urban Dictionary defines her as:

"One ridiculous spoiled b*tch that thinks she is the center of the universe, just because her "show" (the wedding) is 18 months from now(hypothetical). Everyone else in the world has to drop everything and come running in this prime-donna's mind. The marriage will not last more than a year".

Google defines it as:

noun: bridezilla; plural noun: bridezillas
  1. a woman whose behavior in planning her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding.

These ladies have reached the ultimate in PPPS and have totally morphed into an entirely different person! Alas though, there is a cure, stop being so damned ridiculous! Honestly though, during our engagement and wedding planning process we start caring about things that never had any importance to us whatsoever before. I know I have obsessed over paper, chair covers, and the right color navy on more than one occasion. Honestly, WTF Miss. Barn, who cares!?! I do that's who - and that's when I shake my head and move along because the inner battle I was having is totally ridiculous. 

It is never a bad idea to take a step back and realize that it's not all about you. There are so many moving pieces and so many people involved that yes, it becomes a stressful time in your life but it doesn't need to be made any worse by developing Pretty Pretty Princess Syndrome. If you catch yourself demanding things and start turning problem solving into pouting and complaining I think it's time to "check yo' self", like seriously, do it. The last thing you want to do is start hurting people that love you and care about you because you are so wrapped up in "your experience".

People other than the bride can succumb to PPPS too. It can be a bridesmaid, a groom, a mother, or any of the people involved in helping to make this such a joyous occasion. Because there are so many people who want to be a part of this exciting time, there are plenty of opinions and at the end of the day everyone wants your wedding to be amazingly perfect. The truth? It will be no matter what because it's a day where you are joined in matrimony to your beloved. How could it not be special?! 

I have put together a little list of Pretty Pretty Princess Syndrome symptoms for the bride-to-be:

1. Instead of compromise you demand
2. Something goes wrong and you instantly start blaming someone else
3. You get upset that everyone isn't as excited as you are
4. The thought of someone else's wedding instantly has an effect on yours
5. You must make people envious of what you did
6. Obsessive over the smallest detail and can't move past it
7. You have vendors on speed dial and call them weekly to "confirm" 
8. Other people are not allowed to make suggestions
9. Your groom has no idea what is going on
10. Your wedding isn't a fun experience anymore

I think it's safe to say that every bride has had a symptom or two of Pretty Pretty Princess Syndrome to varying degrees but the key is to realize when you are being unreasonable and move past it in a respectful, grown up manner. If you can't, clearly you are not cut out for marriage. 

This is a joyous occasion and it should be nothing but a wonderfully fun time in your life, but it's more than just your life involved. Nobody else should have an effect on your bridal experience, yourself included. 

And because I love you Bees check out Business Insider's 10 Most Horrifying Bridezilla Moments. Thankfully nobody I know has ever been this bad but needless to say it gave me a good laugh!

Did you experience Pretty Pretty Princess Syndrome? How awful is that article!?

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