Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Invitation Salvation: Third Times a Charm

So last I left you lovelies I had just gotten done sharing with you how awful my attempt at an invitation was. I hope you laughed just as hard as I did (I certainly laughed resurrecting those from my trash bin). Ultimately knowing that I had no choice but to get help, I turned to a photographer friend of mine who offered to give me a hand.

However yet again we failed. I couldn't convey what it was I wanted (which is difficult to do strictly through e-mail), and we struggled communicating properly. Why? Because I still didn't know for sure what I wanted. He created something I liked but I wasn't 100% in love with it. What did he create?

photo personal 

Nice but not exactly what I was looking for. Again another failure for the Barn invitation suite. So I didn't learn from my mistake and turned to another photographer friend who offered to help. He has worked for Macy's and Perry Ellis so I thought he would be able to handle this simple task no problem. He's a design genius! 

Yet again I was wrong. Because he is so good at what he does, he didn't have time to create what I needed on such a tight deadline. I wasted so much time attempting to design something and messaging back and forth with friend D that I barely had time to come up with something new. I don't blame him, he is busy and I was being picky. There were no hard feelings but it was failure number 3 in Miss. Barn's corner. 

photo personal

My invitation saga doesn't end here though! I knew that I was being unrealistic and finally turned to Etsy (finally I wised up). Every time I Googled invites I would wind up on Etsy looking at some invites for inspiration. I found one designer who had a lot of invites that I liked but when I emailed her she kindly told me that she was so busy I would have to wait another 3 weeks for any work to be done. Lady, I didn't have 3 days let alone 3 weeks.

 I figured with printing time, shipping time, assembling time and mailing time I needed 2-3 weeks to accomplish everything. I gave myself a deadline to order a design by and I literally had 1 day left when I finally found my saving grace. 

Rebecca Rogers from My Charming Prints

I wanted something that was elegant and simple. Something that reflected the movement very similar to the infinity symbol. By the time I finally turned to Etsy I had pretty much given up, so when I found her shop, I was so relieved. I sent my e-mail to the designer and I held my breath. Please let there be good news. She replied within 5 minutes and I had my invitation suite within 24 hours of initial contact. PHEW!

Rebecca was so incredibly easy to work with and her prices were unbeatable. She even threw in 2 additional card designs for me for free! There are not many vendors out there that would do such a thing, but she did. She really was my saving grace during my invitation debacle. With proof in hand I sent it off to the printers and awaited the package in the mail to begin assembling them. 

Please take it from me Bees, do not attempt something you are not cut out for. Do not enlist the help of friends when you are under such a tight deadline or heck don't even know what you want. Start searching for your invites early! I never thought I would care about a design so much in my entire life until I got to our invitations, which is why I was so pressed for time. I couldn't make any decisions which is why I struggled so much. 

Did anyone else press the deadline for your invites? Did anyone else's invitations cause them as much of a headache as mine did?

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