Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rehearsing Attire

As I am eagerly awaiting showing of the Barn invitation suite, let's move onto something else fun!

Mr. Farmer and I went shopping the weekend of our anniversary and in order to kill some time before meeting a friend, we decided it would be a good time to pick out his rehearsal dinner attire (we were at the Mall of America, I mean hello?!). Mr. Farmer told me that he really wanted to get something that he could wear to the weddings we have coming up (my aunt, my cousin, BM S, another cousin, and PA C). We have a lot of weddings coming up!

We happened to be passing Hugo Boss when I made the suggestion, so we started our search there as we both saw a shirt we liked on a mannequin. Plus if we were going to shop at Hugo we might as well make sure it would be something that could be duel purposed.

Shirt via Hugo Boss

We were set up with a consultant right away and he phenomenal. He was incredibly knowledgeable and pulled all the right pieces to make up a perfect outfit for Mr. Farmer, all based around the shirt we liked best. He lead me to a seating area and promptly gave me some water while I waited for Mr. Farmer to emerge from the dressing room. He gave him a pair of shoes to try on with the outfit so we could get a feel for the entire "look".

We added this jacket to make his outfit a touch more formal. It's pretty awesome because it has a faux back (for lack of a better term), so you can see through to the outside from the inside, but not in from the outside. Confused?! That feature alone basically sold us on it as Mr. Farmer is always hot. Like always. I'm in a sweatshirt, socks, sweatpants, under a blanket and is he shirtless, wearing shorts and sweating to death. Opposites attract they say!

Jacket via Hugo Boss

This jacket is only available online in Germany, so don't be alarmed if you click on the link and it's in German. It's only available in stores in the U.S. (thank you handy "chat with a live representative" option, otherwise I would have never found that out.)

Anyways, we paired it with a slim fit pant as pictured above in navy. Mr. Farmer wanted some navy pieces for his wardrobe anyways, so this worked out perfectly. To finish the outfit off our consultant picked a red silk tie to match the shirt and he also picked a coordinating pocket square. I think he looks pretty darn spiffy, but I am a little biased of course!

crappy photo personal

For any of those guys out there who are reading and don't know, if you choose navy you are supposed to wear BROWN shoes. Now that his outfit was off at the tailors it was my turn to choose an outfit.

I knew all along that I wanted to go with something from Rent the Runway. I had used them for a date night dress and for my bridal shower and was really impressed by their service, so it was just a matter of narrowing down my choice. Also so many lovely Bees before me have had such good luck I knew this was the right route to go.

My first pick was this:

Erin by Erin Fetherston Anabel Lurex dress via RTR

However after reading the reviews, most girls with a large bust said the top looked funny. I debated whether I should just bite the bullet but decided nah I will pass. I didn't want to have to mess around with an ill fitting top all night long. Remember my pet peeve?

So I had to move along. I kept coming back to this little number though.
Carmen Mark Valvo - White Halo Dress via RTR

I knew that I wanted to wear a white dress because let's face it, what's more bridal than white? It doesn't hurt that it's a perfect summer color, (just don't be wearing it to someone else's wedding). When I showed the dress to Mr. Farmer he loved it and said I should go for it. 

Mr. Farmer and I love to dress up and since we obviously live on a farm, we don't get the chance as often as we would like, so this was a part of the process we were pretty excited about. I think we are going to look pretty fabulous, but what do you think?

What did you wear to your rehearsal dinner? Have you used RTR for any special events? 

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