Thursday, November 21, 2013

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Ok I promised a post about my ring. I know we are all over the place in our wedding blog but I promise we will get back on track soon. Who doesn't love to look at beautiful sparkly objects!? In case you have forgotten this is my ring:

Photo by: Jayne Salentiny

However, this beauty was not the ring Mr. Farmer proposed with. WHAT?! Let's start at the beginning shall we. We went ring shopping in July, so a good 2 months before he proposed. We only went shopping at one store and out of the rings we saw I feel in love with this little beauty:

Well sadly this little beauty only came in platinum and I wanted white gold, as I don't like the patina look that platinum gets after a while. It was the only one I had picked out so I thought this was the one he would pop the question with. I didn't know that it only came in platinum. The only difference would be that I would have a cushion cut diamond instead of a round brilliant.
Well since that was the only one I picked and he couldn't get it, he panicked and just got something he thought was similar. So he actually popped the question with this lovely ring.

photo personal

It really is a pretty ring but Mr. Farmer knew that it wasn't exactly what I wanted. He bought it anyway just so he would have something to propose with. He wanted me to pick out a new one after the proposal so we looked online and found one we both really liked. We went back to the store and picked out this baby:

Stunner huh!? So that's how I only had my engagement ring for a week before I had to send it in for another week. It was a sad week in my life as I eagerly awaited my new ring. I think Mr. Farmer was almost as anxious as I was. We finally got it in and now we are very happy with what I have. I still catch myself starring at my left hand every once in a while and it still takes my breath away with how beautiful it is.

Even though Mr. Farmer panicked and purchased just "a ring" I should of given him more direction. If your fiance is asking for your opinion, don't be afraid to lay it out there for him. Mr. Farmer had no idea that it was the twisted sides that I was in love with. He isn't a mind reader and if your fiance is asking you for advice, give it to him.

Did anyone else end up exchanging their ring for a different one?

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