Saturday, November 9, 2013

How I Met Your.....Girlfriend?!

Before we can get into any of the goodness that is wedding planning lets go all the way back to the start, 11 months ago (shocking I know). Mr. Farmer (still working on it) and I are unique in that our relationship moved very quickly, like super quickly. Since Mr. Farmer has been married before he knew what he was looking for and didn't see the point in waiting years to get engaged and married. I agreed as I knew without a doubt that Mr. Farmer is Mr. Perfect for me. Some people questioned our relationship in the beginning because we moved fast but we didn't care what anyone had to say.

I will say this, when you know, you know. It's very difficult trying to explain that to someone who hasn't yet experienced that feeling themselves. As time went on and the more people saw us together they quickly realized that we were meant to be together. We really are perfect for each other. So how did we meet?
I happened to be on a girl's weekend in Minneapolis and Mr. Farmer was spending the weekend with friends. My girl friends and I decided to head to Seven Steak and Sushi in downtown Minneapolis, however when we got there our table was nowhere near ready. Bummer so what's a girl to do? Head to the bar of course. There was only 1 chair open and it just so happened to be next to Mr. Farmer. I walked right up to him and asked, "Hey is anyone sitting here?" He turned his head, looked at me and with the nicest voice said, "Yeah, my girlfriend...........Sit down!" Umm say what?!

Clearly I was shocked and Mr. Farmer could tell because almost instantly (after slapping his hand to his forehead and doing the Simpson "Doohh") said "Oh no that came out so wrong, I am so sorry!" He was very embarrassed about his comment but it was a great start to one of the best conversations I have ever had. We had hoped to meet up again later that weekend however it didn't work out for us.

(photo personal - sorry for the awful quality)
Our very first picture together at his best friends b-day party

We had our first date a month later and knew that we had to be together almost instantly. The only problem? The 6 hour drive that separated us. I would come visit him any time I could but it still wasn't enough for us. I would leave on Sunday and cry on my drive home. It was a pretty miserable experience so we knew that something needed to change. Since the Mr. is a crop farmer and father to 2 amazing children he couldn't move so we knew that I would be the one moving.

Mr. Farmer found a job opportunity for me and after 2 interviews I landed it. A mere 3 months after our first date and I was moving in with him. Some people again questioned our choices but we kept reassuring everyone that this was the right choice for us and our relationship. Once they saw us together they knew we were meant to be with each other.
Moving day!
We couldn't have been happier thanks to my new job. Emotionally we were a lot better off and my bank account was a lot happier. That's a lot of gas folks! Little did I know what was about to happen a mere 3 months later.

When you met your significant other, was it love at first sight or did it take you a while to know he/she was the one for you?

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