Tuesday, November 12, 2013

He did what!!?

Truth be told, Mr. Farmer and I had already begun some of the wedding planning before he officially "put a ring on it".

(photo personal)
(I have been waiting to say that since I got engaged)
Back when Mr. Farmer and I moved in with each other it was very clear to both of us that we were going to get married. We had begun saying things like "When we get married", "our wedding", and "at the wedding".  Our very first thought was, what about doing a beach wedding? Very much like this:


We quickly realized that a beach wedding wouldn't be a good idea as we wanted as many of our friends and family to be able to attend. After doing some more talking we realized that financially this wasn't the greatest idea either. We had certain people that HAD to be at the wedding even if that meant us paying for them to get there and so the travel costs were astronomical. So that idea went out the window (bye bye sand in my toes).

Mr. Farmer was the one who took our ideas and turned them into a reality though (bonus points for him). I came home one evening from work to find that he had contacted a venue in Bloomington, MN to get additional information on their wedding packages. Wait up, hold the front door!? Mr. Farmer initiated contact?

 I was pretty shocked to say the least. It was actually becoming a reality that Mr. Farmer and I were going to get married. We weren't just talking about our imaginary wedding anymore we were about to start planning it, without actually being engaged. So our wedding planning started just months after we began dating and a month before Mr. Farmer formally proposed.

So where did he request information from?

 Introducing The Embassy Suites Airport!

They had a beautiful ballroom, wonderful food, and customizable packages. Mr. Farmer had a cousin who had gotten married here and was very impressed with what he saw. He figured a ballroom would be the best option as everyone would have to travel. After I got over my initial shock we discussed where we wanted to get married and realized that the Twin Cities area would work the best for us. It was halfway for his family and halfway for mine.

 Easy solution right?

The problem? The price. Since we just started planning we hadn't discussed a budget. We will be paying for this shindig ourselves and when we finally got the quote we were pretty shocked to say the least. It was a great starting point for us though and it got us talking about the things we wanted for our special day. I still smile to myself knowing that the Mr. was the one who actually started the whole wedding planning process.

Did anyone else start planning before you actually got engaged?

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