Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bring on the Bling Bling

No matter what stage in wedding planning you are at, there is always something exciting about picking out your wedding bands. The symbol that you and your spouse are going to rock for the rest.of.your.life. Typically the engagement ring is purchased unbeknownst to the bride, or groom, and then presented in a formal proposal. I say typically because there are people out there who like to do things differently. 

The wedding bands are then typically something that gets picked out together and purchased together. It's an adventure and something that normally gets done as a couple. It was certainly an adventure that I was very excited about. The thought of Mr. Farmer wearing a wedding band? Yummy! I think Mr. Farmer is insanely handsome the way it is but the thought of him wearing a symbol of our love just kicks it up a few notches. 

As a reminder here is my engagement ring:
(photo personal)

Since this was a custom design there were no matching band to go with it. We would have to find something that worked. Mr. Farmer was insistent that he did not like the look of just 1 wedding band. So enhancers were the best option for us, so we could have 1 on each side. I was very shocked to see that he had such a strong opinion on my wedding band. I didn't think he would have much of an opinion but since he is making this purchase, it only makes sense that he get something he loves just as much as I do. 

The first wedding band/enhancer we looked at was this:.

This so happens to be the ring Mr. Farmer's friend and sales consultant showed him when my engagement ring came in. We kept coming back to this because we both liked it. It was 3/4 carat weight and with the dip displayed the tiny diamond on the side profile of my engagement ring (sorry I don't have a picture). There was just something about this ring that I wasn't sold on though. I loved the bling, of course, but couldn't pull the trigger. 

Since our sales consultant is a dear friend of Mr. Farmer's we were playing around with rings and decided to play with the option of using 2 separate wedding bands as my enhancer. Soldered together they would create my final "ring". We took this ring:

And ordered another one in so that we could put one on each side of my engagement ring. Since they only had one in stock we had to come back a second time and when we did we came up with this stunner:

(photo personal)

Wowza, right!? With my engagement ring, there are a total of 4 carats, 2 from the wedding bands themselves. Every time I look at this picture my heart skips a beat and I can't stop looking at it.  When I tried these on my finger, I didn't want to take them off. Seriously who wouldn't!? I tried to stall as much as possible. Thankfully I have very long fingers, and for being 6'0 I should, I was happy to see that I could pull it off. It was very thick but because my fingers are so long it didn't make my hand look bad or the rings look odd either.

I have always been of the adage "go big or go home" but I knew as much as I REALLY WANTED these bad boys, I doubted that Mr. Farmer would see my point of view on spending such a large amount of money simply for the fact I wanted them. So I reluctantly took them off in search for a much smaller and a more practical replacement. So sad because they are so beautiful and sparkly but no way I would be able to wear this on a daily basis.  

As we were searching the case looking for replacements, Mr. Farmer was able to pick out his ring. It only took him 5 minutes to find the one he was happiest with.

(photo personal, sorry so blurry. Bad blogger Mr. Farmer)

Of course leave it up to Mr. Farmer to find his the fastest. While he was getting the paperwork ready for his ring, I found an enhancer that I wanted to try on, so when Mr. Farmer and our consultant came back I tried this one on for size. 

( photo personal)

I couldn't get this one on my finger as my ring didn't quite fit exactly inside the enhancer. I liked this one better than the first option though. I hadn't realized it before but it was the top view of the other one that I didn't like. This one still had the dip in it so that I could still see the small diamond on my side profile but it was also appealing from the top as it didn't have "dead space" in the dip. I was concerned that the enhancer didn't have the diamonds match up with my engagement ring but was assured that it would be hard to have them match up without doing a custom design piece. 

After all that bling, Mr. Farmer and I were so confused. We decided to purchase his ring since it was such an easy decision but decided to wait on mine as we didn't know what to do. We liked the 3rd option very much but it was so hard to over look option 2 and how amazing it was. At the end of the day, we walked away without making a purchase. We didn't want to feel pressured by any of the sales consultants and Mr. Farmer needed his time to think about what he wanted to do. I am so thankful we started our ring shopping early for this exact reason. Sometimes you don't find something right away and it can take a while to find the perfect fit. I am thankful we have the time to find the perfect one.

We are still on the lookout for my perfect wedding band, but it will be a lot easier moving forward as we know what we are looking for. After seeing all that bling, it makes me even more excited to wear my ring forever and to see Mr. Farmer wear his. :-)

Did anyone else struggle to find their perfect wedding band? Am I crazy to use 2 separate bands as 1 enhancer?


  1. WOWWWWEEEEEEE! Option 2 is so blingy! If C isn't willing to do both at one time, maybe you could get the one band now and get the second one later? I want one for each side but couldn't see dropping an additional $2k on wedding bands, so I plan on buying the second band for our anniversary so I will have one for each side. I'm sure I won't have too hard of a time waiting a year, since our first year of marriage will fly! Option 3 is great too, still really blingy but not quite as huge. Your e-ring is so gorgeous on its own, I actually think I might prefer Option 3 since the bands are a little thinner and let your e-ring shine a little bit more. But both are amazing. Yay bling! :)

  2. RIGHT!? Yay for bling! I am so torn between the two. I left the final decision up to the Mr. so I will be happy with whatever he picks out. Although I would LOVE option 2 I am not holding my breath. Your right though that option 3 is much daintier so I don't know. I will be happy with whatever C decides on but it was fun flashing the mega rings for a while!

  3. Picking out wedding bands is so exciting! I was in the same situation as you. My husband got me this beautiful, custom engagement ring for me when he proposed. It was gorgeous but because it was custom I had to have a custom wedding band created to go with it. Luckily the jewelers we saw did just as perfect of a job as yours did for you!

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert