Friday, February 21, 2014

Shut the Barn Door!

I am a BEE!? Someone pinch me, because I clearly must be dreaming. I am beyond thrilled to be here writing for the Hive, which I am still in shock over.

I received the email from Mrs. Mouse and immediately starting getting anxiety. I couldn't open it and was too scared so what did I do? I emailed Mrs. Palm Tree for some extra encouragement. After I finally got the nerve strict instructions to open that bad boy, I made it past 2 sentences before I was screaming in my the office. Thankfully my co-workers are the and didn't think twice at me squealing, I'M A BEE, I'M A BEE!  In fact, I was so excited I proceeded to jam my knee into my desk with the happy dance I was doing in my chair. *fail*

I promptly messaged Mrs. PT back and our conversation was a mix of "EEEEEEEEE" and "OMG". (Possibly a few ow's too.) Thankfully I received her email just as I was about to leave work. The Mr. was out of town so I needed someone to share my excitement with, so when I got home I grabbed my furbaby Berkley and did another happy dance around my living room.

(mom you have totally lost it)
 Obligatory Pooch Photo

So who are we? Well I am Miss. Barn a fun loving, outgoing, spastic girl who is totally head over heels in love with a caring, romantic, organized gentleman. We reside in the Southwestern part of Minnesota in a tiny itty bitty town, where we live on a......................wait for it.................wait for it............. FARM!!
 Needless to say once the Farm generation came out I knew I had to be a part of it. I mean seriously it's just too perfect.

Mr. and Miss. Barn

So why, Miss. Barn? Honestly, I was rreealllyy torn between 2 icons, Barn and Tractor, but ultimately decided to go with Barn for a few different reasons. Barn starts with a B. My name starts with a B. My new last name will start with a B. My furbaby's name starts with a B. The Mr. and I constantly say Team B and he calls me "B". Besides you can't get more farm related than a Barn; we have several on our property. Had the Tractor been green it would have been an easy choice but as most farmers and their wives know, brand loyalty is very important. I just couldn't do it (plus the Mr. wouldn't ever let me live it down), so here we are, Mr. and Miss. Barn!

I am so excited to 'bee here (had to be done) and share this experience with the Hive. I have admired the Bees for quite some time and feel so honored to be chosen to join them. I promise I won't disappoint.

Grab a cocktail and join me in one heck of a journey! 

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