Saturday, February 15, 2014

Take The Cake

I know that I left you lovelies hanging with our cake post but I promise I won't leave you in suspense any longer. We had planned on having cupcakes as our wedding dessert and were all set to find our baker at our venue's wedding show. Oh boy were we wrong. When we walked into Making Memories Last the first booth we stopped at was:
Take the Cake specializes in my most favorite treat on this entire planet.....CHEESECAKE!!!
Yes Bees I am so pumped to announce Mr. Farmer and I will be having cheesecake at our wedding. Even though we were set on cupcakes one bite of Kim's sample and we were hooked. I absolutely love cheesecake.
(photo personal)
This was the biggest, thickest piece of cheesecake I have ever been served 
Needless to say once we tasted a sample our minds were made up, so we paid our deposit and signed the contract right there and then. We hadn't even considered one of our favorite desserts. Why? Because it's not common. I have never been to a wedding where there was cheesecake served instead of wedding cake. In fact I have never been to a wedding where anything OTHER than cake was served.
I wanted to do something different and cheesecake is certainly different. When it comes to your wedding dessert you don't have to go with cake just because it's traditional and the most common option. There are so many dessert options out there today and so many talented vendors who would love to make your day special.
Wedding Pie
Photo: Barefeet Studio
Wedding Brownies
Wedding Cake Pops
Wedding Truffles
Wedding S'Mores
Wedding Cookies
Or you can say the heck with it and do a dessert bar and have a bunch of different things:
Wedding Dessert Bar
Photo via Sierra Studios found on their Blog
There are so many options for dessert at your wedding. Your fiancée and you should pick something that you will enjoy just as much as your guests. I wish I hadn't been so oblivious to all the other options available to me. I am so glad that we found Kim at Take the Cake though because we will be enjoying one of our favorite treats and I am pretty sure that our guests will enjoy it too!
What do you think, would you enjoy cheesecake at a wedding? Did anyone else stumble upon something they just had to have?


  1. MMM I do love cheesecake! We're doing a regular cake, but cheesecake sounds awesome too!

    1. It's such a great treat! What kind of cake did you decide on?

    2. We actually haven't ordered anything yet, but a local bakery does a burnt almond torte that we both love, so that's our plan!