Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gimme the Goodies

I love sweets, so it was no surprise to Mr. Farmer when I demanded we have chocolate as a flavor at our wedding. I demand chocolate at our wedding and gosh darn it, we shall have chocolate at our wedding! A debate might have ensued following our conversation in which I was compared to:

Poor Veruca Salt - GIF via annfriedman

I plead the fifth.

Once we I had established that chocolate was a requirement at our wedding we forgot about it for a few weeks. According to The Knot timeline I am using, we needed to get on the ball and secure a bakery sooner rather than later. Ideally your bakery should be booked about 6-9 months in advance to secure your wedding date.

 Mr. Farmer and I were attending an event at the beginning of February, Making Memories Last, at our venue so we figured that we could start scoping our baker at this event. Making Memories Last is basically a wedding show with vendors that our venue works with frequently. It's also a great chance to taste test their food and wine (more on that later) so we made a weekend trip out of it.  I wanted to be prepared so I started putting together some inspiration.

I love the design of the whole cake and it fits with our wedding colors however I was not too sure about a gray wedding cake. Something about it just didn't look appetizing to me. Please tell me I am not alone. 

Photo via The Knot - Sarah's Cake Shop photo by: White-Klump Photography

I was in love with this wedding cake! It was so simple and elegant at the same time. The flowers on top eliminated the need for a cake topper and were super pretty. It had the perfect touch of color. 

Photo via The Knot - Sarah's Pastries & Candies - Photo: YazyJo Photography

I started to see a pattern develop and realized that I like fondant with a little color detail and flowers on top instead of a cake topper. Now that I had my inspiration photos I was ready to present them to Mr. Farmer to review. Mr. Farmer and I have a pretty good understanding of how our wedding planning process works. I do all the research, then present Mr. Farmer with my findings and we make a decision together. Too much information and he gets frustrated and uncomfortable so this was a perfect plan for us.

Mr. Farmer and I had a 5 hour drive to Eau Claire, where we are getting married in case you forgot or just joined the party, so we used that time to discuss cake. After presenting Mr. Farmer with the pictures I liked, he dropped a pretty big bombshell on me. He didn't like any of the designs I picked out.

Apparently he had been doing some thinking and decided he wanted cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. Womp, womp, womp. Bye bye beautiful wedding cake and hello cute cupcakes:

Photo via The Knot - Belathee Photography - Amy Atlas Events

Georgetown Cupcake, Stephanie Ascari and Lois Zeigler/Cleverly Candid Photography found via The Knot

Because Mr. Farmer and I have developed a process for decision making this kind of threw a wrench into it.  In typical Barn Wedding fashion I assumed we would just get a wedding cake because well "that's just what you do when you get married", you get a wedding cake. Clearly I have a lot to learn about wedding planning.

I had no idea he wanted cupcakes but after he presented the idea to me I was on board. Mr. Farmer hasn't made many requests so I was willing to give this to him. I was loving this idea for a few different reasons. As beautiful as cake is, I don't really love cake. Ok that's not true, mostly it's just the frosting that goes on it that I don't like.

Another reason I was on board was that cupcakes are a little different. We could have many different flavors so if someone didn't like my selection of chocolate they could choose something else. As beautiful and traditional as a wedding cake is, it just wasn't for us. Any time we can save money, I am always on board.

So now that we knew we wanted cupcakes for our dessert with one flavor as chocolate, we were ready to meet a few different bakers at our venue's event. This was a part we were really looking forward to. Who doesn't love to try delicious baked goods? However upon entering the event we saw a booth that made us overjoyed. We both looked at each other and knew immediately that we had to have it at our wedding. What was it? Stay tuned to find out!

Did anyone else have a planning miscommunication? 

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