Friday, February 14, 2014

C What I am Talking About

On this perfect holiday that is Valentine's Day I wanted to give you all a sweet little treat. What is that treat? A guest post by C himself!

I asked C to provide some relationship advice and this is what he had to say:

Hello to all you guys out there, this is for you and for you women out there who want to know what we are thinking. Now I know I can't speak for all men because let's face it, some guys just don't get it and never will. Those are the guys that are pretty undateable. Why? The reason is because they are secretly insecure and only make it about themselves. Those are the guys I like to call D-bags.
Guys don't be a douchebag. Plain and simple, don't!
Two things that I have based my relationship on with my beautiful wife to be is I give her unconditional love and in return she gives me respect. That can go a long ways guys believe me. It's also easier said than done. You can't get complacent in your relationship and you always have to respect the other person.
Now have I done everything right since meeting B? Heck no! I have failed in many areas but I have worked on it with her help and have gotten better. My major flaw is anxiety which makes my brain over think and to look for flaws in her, while never looking in the mirror at myself, which most men with anxiety do. We like to point out the bad in you ladies but we forget that when we are pointing that one finger, the other four are pointing back as us. It can be hard to realize your relationship flaws but doing so will help you and your partner in the long run. Recognizing the problem is a huge part in fixing it. Everyone has flaws, nobody is perfect but by being able to admit them you can fix it and work through them with your partner. 
In my 38 yrs of life I have had ups and downs as we all have. I was married at 24 and was not even close to being ready. That marriage failed but I was blessed with 2 amazing children so it wasn't a total failure. Why do marriages fail? From my point of view it's not just one thing it's many. When us men first meet a pretty lady we like to do things to get your attention so you will like us. Seems pretty simple but after awhile we get comfortable and just carry on with our day to day life forgetting all the things we used to do. Big mistake guys!
What I have done with my beautiful B is I never stop dating her. What does that mean? It means doing things weekly or even daily to make her smile and feel loved. 
Flowers for her birthday
A picture text with an "I love you and am thinking of you" message
Chocolates delivered at work

A card just because

Flowers just because
Simple as that.
 I think this where most relationships and marriages fail. Guys forget to show their love and in return women don't give enough respect. It's a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself. Now are guys only to blame? No. Why is that? Ladies we are not mind readers, communication is key. I can't stress it enough how important it is. I suck at taking hints just ask B. She needs to flat out tell me if something is on her mind or if she has a problem.  Also, ladies believe it or not, us men like to be surprised as well. We like to be shown how much you love us. Anything from a I love you random text, a out of the blue card, or KFC drive-thru. 
I wish you each a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all you ladies out there receive some sort of recognition from your man about how much you mean to him. I know I will be showing B how much I care.
Thanks for reading my guest post! - C

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