Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dressing the Mister

 Back when I began to get inspiration for our wedding I knew right away that Mr. Farmer would be wearing gray. I know it's insanely trendy right now but you know what? We don't care, we are saying "Eff it" and jumping right on that bandwagon baby. I love the way a gray tux looks.

Vera Wang Slim Fit Tuxedo via Men's Warehouse

Slim Fit Tuxedo via Mens Warehouse

Mr. Farmer is a pretty shnazy guy. It's pretty sad to admit, but he is better dressed than I am on most occasions. Mr. Farmer has been a model/actor for quite some time and throughout his career has done his fair share of wedding expos and wedding shows. With that being said he was pretty opinionated when it came to what he was going to wear and where we were going to get it.

(photo personal) Doesn't he look studly?!

Tip Top Tux (try saying that 3 times fast) has been the company who outfits all of Mr. Farmer's suits/tuxes for each show, so it was only natural we gave them our business. I knew that they would be able to accommodate all of our menswear needs and I was correct. We have a large bridal party, so Mr. Farmer and I were uncomfortable having the guys buy themselves a tuxedo so renting was the way to go for us. But what did we choose?

The Vera Wang Slim Fit Tuxedo of course!
(photos personal)

If you didn't notice the 2 pictures I posted above are the Vera Wang Slit Fit. Currently it is one of the most popular rented tuxedos and we were A-Ok with that, jumping on the bandwagon peeps. In order to mix it up a bit Mr. Farmer will be wearing the one on the left and the groomsmen will be wearing the one on the right. We also decided that our dads will wear this same tux but in black.

We are getting married in July, at the hottest time of the day, in the hottest month of the year, outside in a garden. We would like to prevent any heat exhaustion so we are losing the jackets and only wearing the vest. Mr. Farmer made the executive decision to wear a jacket with his so it will look more formal.

I gave him complete control with the vest styles and he was able to pick the following:

Dad on left, Mr. Farmer in the middle (without the tie) and Groomsmen/Ushers on the right

I think he made a pretty awesome selection. We have decided to spruce things up and buy our guys some fun socks and fun suspenders as part of their wedding gift. Since our bridesmaids have some fun footwear we decided this would be a fun twist on the traditional tuxedo.

When I went to fill out our paperwork I noticed she had scribbled out our wedding date and pick-up date. I got confused and asked her what was up. You see if you are renting a tux and getting married on Saturday you would logically put your tux pick-up date as Friday. WRONG! She explained since we are getting a popular item, that if we came to pick up our tuxes Friday morning before we left, they might not be in yet, as their "Friday" shipment doesn't come in until the afternoon. So she recommends giving yourself an extra day grace period. 

Getting married on Saturday, schedule your pick-up day for Thursday. Exchanging vows on Sunday, schedule your pick-up date for Friday. Tying the knot on Friday, schedule your pick-up date for Wednesday. That way your shipment comes in the day before and you can ensure a proper pick-up time.

Logistically that would of been a nightmare. For anyone who is selecting a gray suit or tuxedo and renting it, please give yourself an extra day grace period. This color and style is so popular you want to ensure you have it available when you need it. I certainly would never have thought to do that, I mean who would!?

 Thankfully once we got through our pick-up date debate, we were able to finish out our rental order with the ties for our guys. Mr. Farmer will be buying his own tie in order to get something a little fancier. However we selected the following for our guys:

Navy for all the groomsmen except the best man

Fuschia  for BM N and Junior BM R

We will be hauling all of these bad boys with us when we head to WI. Wish us luck! I am really glad to have gotten that taken care of and even happier to have piece of mind knowing they will be ready when we need them. Had Mr. Farmer not known the owner as well as he did, we might never have found that out and could have run into a really sticky situation if they didn't come in on time.

Did anyone else jump on the gray tuxedo bandwagon? Did you ditch the jackets for your wedding?

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