Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding a Flat

Hi I'm Miss. Barn and I am 6'0 tall. Darling Mr. Farmer on the other hand is 5'10. I think you can see where I am going with this. When it comes to footwear most of the time I don't care. I rock heels all the time. When asked the proverbial, "Why wear heels when you're already so tall" which is really quite annoying, I respond with "I refuse to sacrifice style simply because I am tall." For the most part I deal with the pointing and staring and move on with my day.

However, when it comes to my wedding day I am struggling with what to wear on my feet. I struggle with people making snide/snarky comments the way it is, so I certainly don't want to have photos that are a constant reminder of my biggest insecurity. (I was picked on quite a bit in school for being taller than all the boys and it left scars.) With my hair done I am going to look taller than 6'0 so I decided, flats it is. 

So as much as I love me a good heel, I am wearing flats on my wedding day. I can still have great style rocking a flat. This is new territory for me though. Totally new territory for me. I like ballet flats but just don't own very many pairs. So I turned to Google to see if I could find "the shoe".

David's Bridal had these and they sparked my interest. They have just the right amount of sparkle and are pretty simple.

Davids Bridal - Glitter Ballet Flat with Bow Detail

I saw these and cringed. I cannot do pointed toe flats. I just can't bring myself to join the masses on this so no pointed toes for me.

The Dessy Group- Lace Bridal Ballet Flat

I saw these Kate Spade's and almost died because they were so beautiful.
Kate Spade via 6pm

I assure you that I looked at quite a few more options but the more and more I looked, they all started to look the same. I loved the Kate Spade's but as much as I love shoes and GOOD shoes for that matter, I just couldn't pull the trigger on these. I started to realize I couldn't make the plunge on any of these ballet flats because, I just didn't think any of them fit my dress or our wedding.

I love summer, who doesn't, and part of that are the sandals you get to wear. Most of my massive shoe collection are summer shoes. So I changed my search to wedding sandals, and my pulse quickened and I started smiling. Yes folks, I am wearing sandals on my wedding day. I know that may not work for everyone and I am sure I will get some flack for it but it's the right choice for me. It fits our venue and will be the most comfortable option for me to wear all day.

Shoe Buy - Allure Bridal Sweets

Something as simple as this is exactly what I had in mind. So flat? Yes. Ballet? No. Picking out a shoe that you are going to be comfortable in is important and I want to be as comfortable as possible. I may throw on a pair of fun heels for a few photos but I am going the comfy route.

Did anyone else decide to go for a flat instead of a heel? Am I the only one who struggles with being taller than their significant other?

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  1. I was concerned about having to hem my dress because the bottom has this gorgeous lace. So I ordered my dress in the short size to reduce the hemming as much as possible, but now I can't wear high heels! So I'll be in very low heels (which is totally not my norm, either sky-high or flat) and I don't know what to do! I have contemplated sandals though, since it may be warm and we will be in a garden!